How To Play Conquest In MLB The Show 23

How To Play Conquest In MLB The Show 23
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If you are looking to build a strong team in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty, you will have to overcome countless objectives and get a little lucky when opening your card packs. That said, one particular mode available in Diamond Dynasty, called Conquest, can give you a large sum of rewards if you invest the time into it.

Conquest is a mode that can be a bit daunting for newcomers, and for those who don’t understand what they are doing, you can be forced to invest a lot more time than you might want to get everything you want from it.

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Here is a breakdown of how to play Conquest in MLB The Show 23 so you can start getting great rewards from the mini Diamond Dynasty mode.

How to win at Conquest in MLB The Show 23

To win at Conquest in MLB The Show 23, you need to take control of the entire board. There will be territories scattered across the map, with various MLB teams taking up spots on them. Your goal is to take those spots and fans from them. Each number in a space denotes that is how many millions of fans are in that area.

There are a few phases you will work through as you play. During the Attack phase, you will move across nodes. If you move into an occupied space, your fans will go up against the opposition. The more fans you have in that spot than the opponent, the easier difficulty the AI will be in the game. Play through the full three-inning game or simulate it to decide who takes over the spot. The only games you must play through are the home base strongholds with the team’s logo.

The more fans you have in a spot, the easier time you will have claiming the area around you. You can use this to your advantage by surrounding the home base of another team, forcing them to concede more of the map to you. After the Attack phase, you can steal fans from other teams. For this, you choose any team, and the amount of fans you get from them depends on the difficulty you beat them at. We recommend skipping this phase, as it will only consume a lot more time, and the rewards are minimal for the effort.

After the Stealing phase, you get to the Reinforce phase. For this, you can choose one of your nodes to put in more fans. If you are traveling along an area, this is a great way to strengthen your attacking force. After Reinforcing, you are put in the Move phase, where you can reallocate fans you won to a different node.

The more land you control, the easier it is to move around quickly and steal from your opponents, so we recommend going on the offensive at most times. Surround enemy strongholds and keep the pressure on them until you take them out. While on the map page, be sure to look at your current goals as well so you can work towards unlocking some great rewards like Diamond players and packs.