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How to play Bloodborne online co-op with friends

Bloodborne’s online multiplayer mechanics are simple when it comes to random matchmaking, but when trying to join up with friend things can be a little confusing. That’s why VideoGamer has put together a few quick tips to guide you through the process of joining an online multiplayer session with your PSN buddies.

Why can’t I ring the bell in Bloodborne?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that you can’t ring the Beckoning Bell in areas where you have already defeated the boss. The game doesn’t explain this, so at first it can be frustrating to jump into the menus and find the “Use’ button faded out.

The reason the game assumes you’re ringing the Beckoning Bell to ask for assistance from other players is to defeat the next boss. Therefore if the boss of the area you’re in is dead, you can’t ring it.

There are also some areas in Bloodborne where the bells simply cannot be rung, like the Hunter’s Dream, as it is removed from the main game area.

How to connect with friends in Bloodborne

When in the game, hit pause and go to “System”>”Network”. From here you can tweak Matching Regions, Player Name Display and Password Matching. Password Matching means that, once you ring the bell, you will only be matched with players who have the same password as you have typed in this box.

So when trying to meet up with a friend, agree on a password (make it something tricky and unique, to make the matching process easier) and type it in this box.

When you are ready to join up, make sure that you know to ring the corresponding bells in each other’s games. If you are joining your friend’s world, you must ring the Small Resonant Bell while they ring the Beckoning Bell, and vice versa.

After you have joined up with your friend, make sure the host fires the Silencing Blank to end the matchmaking. You won’t be kicked from the game, but you will no longer be actively searching for other players. Make sure you select “Silence the Bell” and not “Disrupt Resonance”. Disrupt Resonance will ask you to kick players from the multiplayer session.

Why can I still not summon my friend?

There’s a soft level cap in Bloodborne that means players attempting to join you must be within a certain range of your character’s level. If you’ve just started Bloodborne, and are attempting to invite a level 80+ friend who has already started New Game Plus, it’s unlikely to work (thanks, Reddit.).


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