How to ping enemies in Warzone 2

How to ping enemies in Warzone 2
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Working together as a squad is often crucial when trying to secure a victory in Warzone 2. However, not everyone is comfortable speaking on voice comms when they’re playing with strangers.

Luckily, that’s where Warzone 2’s ping system comes in – allowing squadmates to communicate with each other, and giving their teammates the heads up on enemies, points of interest and more.

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Here’s our guide for using the ping system in Warzone 2.

What is Pinging in Warzone 2?

The act of ‘pinging’ something is to mark it on the heads up display of you and your squadmates to help draw attention to it.

It could be a point on the map you want the squad to move towards, maybe some tasty loot you’ve found or a handy weapon. Or of course, it could be an enemy.

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Pinging an item flags it up on not only your screen with an indicator – but that of all your squadmates as well, and saves having to type in chat or shout out on voice comms.

How To Ping Enemies in Warzone 2

To do a ping is very simple. By default, you just want to use the Alt key, or hold down the mouse wheel on PC when you’re looking at something you want to ping.

Console users, meanwhile, should do the same thing, only instead they need to press Up on the control pad. This is the same on both Xbox and PlayStation.

You can adjust these controls in the settings of course, and rebind them to whatever is most comfortable to you.

Pinging is context sensitive, so for the most part the game will handle the sort of ping depending on what you’re looking at. So, for example, if it’s an enemy, they’ll appear in red on you and your squadmates’ HUDs.

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How To Use The Ping Wheel in Warzone 2

For finer detail or if you want to be more specific, there is another way. If you hold down the ping button for a couple of seconds, you’ll be presented with the ping wheel.

This is a list of things you can mark a target as – just in case the default isn’t the message you’re trying to convey to your teammates. (For example, if you think you see someone has been somewhere previously but you’re not quite sure.)

The wheel that comes up gives you several options, which are:

  • Ping – use this just to highlight something in the most basic manner.
  • Attacking – use this to indicate an area you wish to attack, or send your squad to attack
  • Help – If another member of your squad needs help, use this to call on your other squadmates to assist.
  • Quiet – For those times you need to keep things on the downlow. Use this to indicate a stealthy approach.
  • Loot – If you’ve seen a good weapon, some cash or just general good loot, call it out with this.
  • Watch – Let your squad know to keep eyes on a certain area, just in case.
  • Defend – Just like Attack, only of course to mark an area you want your squad to defend and hold.
  • Regroup – if you or your squad have split up, use this to mark a point to reconvene.

Hopefully, this advice will help you communicate with your squad effectively – and get those dubs even if you don’t have – or don’t want – to use a microphone.

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