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How to Make a Circle in Minecraft

how to make a circle in minecraft
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Minecraft is a blocky game because the world is fully made of 16×16 square blocks. Despite the fact that with this amount of pixels, Minecraft can achieve the curve graphics quite easily, they decide not to. And that makes building curvy things (or circles) in Minecraft a bit hard for beginners. In this article, we will show you how to make a Circle in Minecraft!

Get the Concept of a Circle

To get familiar with a circle, you can think it’s created by putting a lot of square pixels in the right positions. And when you take a step back far enough, you will no longer see individual blocks but instead, see a circle as a whole.

To understand the concept, you can take any circle picture and zoom in until they’re pixelated. That’s where you see the square pixels all over the place!

How to Make a Circle in Minecraft

#1 Pick a Size

The larger the size of the circle, the more beautiful it looks! A size 1 circle in Minecraft is simply a block, which is square by the way. A size 2 circle is also a square of 2×2 blocks. To actually form a circle, you will need to pick a size greater than or equal to 3, which can take a 4×4 area or bigger.

For demonstration purposes, we will pick a size 15 circle for this article.

#2 Start Making a Circle

Whether your circle size is odd or even, there is only a small difference on the main border of 4 sides. We will mention this later. To make a 15×15 circle in Minecraft, start at the center and create a plus symbol with 15 blocks in each line.

Since the circle is symmetrical, you only need to build a quarter of it and repeat the process for the other three. Let’s pick one side and place 4 more blocks, 2 to the left and 2 to the right.

Go inside and toward the circle center, place another 3 blocks in a row like this.

Place one more block just right below the outermost block of the row above. You will have something like this.

Repeat the steps above from another side. Here’s the result.

Finally, put one more block in between to fill the thin line like this. You’ve completed a quarter of a circle!

Now you only need to repeat the whole process above 3 more times to create a perfect circle in Minecraft! Below is the result.

We also make a 16×16 circle for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a perfect round circle in Minecraft?

To make a perfect round circle in Minecraft, you may need to use commands, data packs, or even Minecraft mods.

Are there any tools to build a circle in Minecraft?

There aren’t many tools to actually help you build or visualize in Minecraft. But you can use this tool to get an idea about how to make a circle in Minecraft. You can choose the size, the border style, and the tool even counts the block needed.


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