How to get Silver Ore in Once Human

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Silver Ore is a rare material players can mine in Once Human. Players will be able to find it anywhere in the world, however, it seems to have a low percentage chance to spawn in any of the ore nodes in the game. So, you’ll need to rummage around the areas to find them. Here’s everything we know about finding Silver Ore in Once Human.

Silver Ore Once Human: Players that mine silver ore can get new deviants too
When mining Silver Ore, you can get Deviants that are useful for helping you mine rocks and other ores. Image capture via VideoGamer.

Where to find Silver Ore in Once Human

To get Silver Ore in Once Human, players need to go to dense areas of ores. The best places to find ores are often in the wilderness of each region, typically around the mountainside, by the sides of main roads, and by the beaches and rivers. Silver Ore looks a lot like Tin Ore, so keep your eyes peeled for a greyish ore sticking out of rocks.

In terms of early game locations, the best places we are aware of are as follows:

  • By the main road near the river in Dayton Wetlands / Broken Delta.
  • By the mountains near Aiden’s Hideout in Wetlands.

These areas seem to yield us silver ore from our explorations. However, be aware it is once again random spawn chances. It seems Silver Ore can spawn on any ore node after their previous spawn was mined, so keep that in mind.

Also, we used a Copper Pickaxe and we can mine the Silver Ore. Chances are you yield more silver using better pickaxes than that, but, you’re guaranteed to get at least two ore using a Copper Pickaxe.

When you get Silver Ore, you can use it for a few crafting recipes. You’ll need to unlock silver smelting from the memetics, and once you do, you can make certain items. Silver Ingots also sell for a lot at trader hubs, which award plenty of energy for your future craft and research unlock needs.

Also, when you mine silver, you can also get Digby Boys Devients. These are helper deviants that mine materials passively. They’ll go out of their way to mine nearby nodes. So, set up Digby Boys around large ore areas. You may find yourself coming back to some silver if you’re lucky.

Digby Boys can give you silver ore from time to time. Image via VideoGamer.

If you’re in the later game area, you can find silver ore in the Red Sands. It competes with gold ore spawns so keep that in mind if you’re hunting for it. You can find the silver ore to the western edge of the zone from our experience.

This concludes everything there is to know about Silver Ore in Once Human. Good luck rummaging and finding these rare spawn node types. If you need help with other crafting, why not check out our guides on Iron Ore, Standard Parts and Copper Ore, since there are lots of early-game copper nodes that Silver spawns among?

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