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How To Bunt In MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23
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MLB The Show 23 has arrived, and fans are beginning to immerse themselves into the new game. With so much to experience and learn, some of you might be wondering where to start and what to do first. Well an area of concentration that’s very beneficial to touch on in MLB The Show 23, is that of hitting. Naturally, you can do this by swinging the bat with contact or power, or by bunting.

For those that don’t know, bunting in baseball is the act of holding your bat across the plate in attempt to dink the ball strategically somewhere in between the pitcher and the catcher. Whether you’re trying to move runners over, or have one score, or maybe you’re just trying to get a fast runner on base, bunting is a fun aspect of baseball that is difficult to defend against and easy to execute, making it one of the best ways to get on base still to this day.

But how do you complete a bunt in MLB The Show 23? Glad you asked! In this guide, we’re going over just that and provide our very own expert tips on how to maximize this helpful hitting skill.

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How To Bunt In MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23
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In MLB The Show 23, there are three different kinds of bunts – a regular bunt, a sacrifice bunt, and a drag bunt. While regular bunts are used to get on base, sacrifice bunts are implemented more specifically to move a runner(s) over a base, while drag bunts can only be used by lefties and allow that hitter to move towards first while they place the bunt.

So without further ado, here is how to complete each of these three types of bunts:


  • Regular Bunt: Press & Hold Triangle
  • Sacrifice Bunt: Press Early & Hold Triangle
  • Drag Bunt: Press Triangle Late
  • Bunt Direction: Use Left Analog Stick


  • Regular Bunt: Press & Hold Y
  • Sacrifice Bunt: Press Early & Hold Y
  • Drag Bunt: Press Y Late
  • Bunt Direction: Use Left Analog Stick

Nintendo Switch

  • Regular Bunt: Press & Hold X
  • Sacrifice Bunt: Press Early & Hold X
  • Drag Bunt: Press X Late
  • Bunt Direction: Use Left Analog Stick

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Expert Tips

The first tip to keep in mind when bunting, is that it’s important to diagnose how the pitch is coming your way before squaring up. Whether you choose to hold your bunt position before the pitcher is in his windup or not, it’s key to either pull back or refrain from placing a bunt if the pitch is out of the strike zone.

Secondly, bunting direction is really important to use. Bunting directly at the pitcher or into the ground in front of the catcher, are probably the two quickest ways to get out. So be sure to use your left analog stick to aim down the right or left field lines where it will be far more challenging for the pitcher to get you out.

Lastly, keep your bunting directional usage towards the ground. If you catch a fast pitch to bunt at, it could pop up in the air for an easy out if you don’t do so. If you apply all of these key steps when bunting, you will have a lot of success getting on base and scoring runs.

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