How to get Wool in Hades 2

How to get Wool in Hades 2
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✓ At a glance
  • You can get Wool by defeating Polyphemus, the guardian of Ephyra on the surface.
  • Get to the surface with the Permeation of Witching-Wards incantation. It needs 1 Cinder, 1 Shadow, and 3 Moly.
  • This resource can be used to craft weapon aspects, Arcana Cards, and incantations.

If you’ve stumbled into an upgrade or weapon aspect that needs Wool, you won’t find it on an underworld run. And no, you can’t get it from sheep. Instead, you’ll have to head to the surface and knock down a lethargic but powerful foe. Here’s how you can get Wool and what it’s used for in the game.

Hades 2 Wool: A player checks out Wool in their inventory. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Here’s what this resource looks like in your inventory. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Where to find Wool

To get Wool, you must defeat the cyclops Polyphemus, the guardian boss of the city of Ephyra. Once you reach the surface and clear the health drain condition, you’ll find yourself in Ephyra’s city center. You’ll find an exit behind the fountain, protected by six Pylons. There are nine entrances here that lead to areas with pylons, boons, resources, or NPCs like Medea. They may contain optional secondary encounters that offer rewards like health and Magick. 

Clear six pylons and pass through Charon’s shop to face Polyphemus. Beating this boss is no small task. You’ll have to watch out for his AoE shockwaves and stomp attacks. Try to keep the sheep away from him as he can grab them and gobble them up for a quick heal. Defeat him and he falls asleep, letting you gather Wool from him and proceed to the Rift of Thessaly. While ranged weapons like the Umbral Flames can dish out damage from afar, you can clear him quickly with the Sister Blades or Moonstone Axe.

The stairway to the surface is unlocked after you brew the Permeation of Witching-Wards incantation. It costs 1 Cinder, 1 Shadow, and 3 Moly. Defeat Hecate to get Cinder and create 1 Shadow at the cauldron with 30 Psyche, 30 Ashes, and 3 Fate Fabric. Moly flowers can be found in Erebus. To clear Melinoe’s health drain, rely on the Unraveling a Fateful Bond incantation (2 Thalamus, 2 Lotus, 2 Nightshade, and 2 Moss). Thalamus can be grown with Origin Seeds from Chaos Gates. Lotus grows in Oceanus’ domain and Nightshade seeds can be found in Erebus’ digging spots. As for Moss, make some trips to the surface.

Hades 2 Wool: A player checks the Aspect of Pan upgrade in the Silver Pool. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Craft the Aspect of Pan to fire more blades. Image captured by VideoGamer.

What is Wool used for?

Wool is used for incantations, weapon aspects, and Arcana Card upgrades. These will improve your odds of survival against the next set of bosses you’ll face. Here are all the upgrades you can craft with this resource in Hades 2.

Aspect of Pan for the Sister BladesYour Specials seek foes in your Cast AoE attacks. You can also fire more blades after channeling.1 Wool and 2 Shaderot
Attending a Faithful Beast IncantationThis lets your animal familiars work for you at the Crossroads.1 Tears, 1 Wool, and 4 Wheat
Rush of Fresh AirThis unlocks Shrines of Hermes, shops you can find on the surface.3 Fate Fabric, 1 Wool, and 2 Driftwood
The Seer Arcana CardGain Changes of Fate to change your rewards during a run.20 Ash and 1 Wool
Swift Runner Arcana Card upgradeBoost your sprint speed.3 Moon Dust, 3 Wool
A table with all the upgrades you can unlock with Wool.