All Hades 2 romance options and gifts explained

All Hades 2 romance options and gifts explained
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✓ At a glance
  • You can invite characters like Hecate, Dora, Nemesis, Moros, Odysseus, and Eris to specific locations.
  • Excursions to the Hot Springs, the Taverna, and the Fishing Pier require Bath Salts, Ambrosia, and Twin Lures.
  • To access these areas, brew the Rite of Vapor Cleansing, Rite of Social Solidarity, and Rite of River-Fording incantations.

Hades 2 builds on its predecessor by offering several ways to woo potential romance options. You can deepen your friendships with gifts at the Crossroads between runs. Inviting allies on excursions unlocks new dialogue and helps you understand their past lives. Read on to learn about all the romance options and what gifts they need.

Hades 2 bath salts: Hecate speaks with the player at the Hot Springs.
Invite characters like Hecate to the Hot Springs to build a relationship with them. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Every romance option listed

Here are all the characters you can romance and where to find them in the game:

HecateNorth from her cauldron in the Crossroads.
DoraShe can be found in your room, south of the spot you arrive at after a run.
NemesisSouthwest of Hecate’s cauldron, towards the Wretched Broker.
MorosNear the Fated List to the south of your room after finishing the Fated Intervention and Doomed Beckoning incantations.
OdysseusWest of Hecate’s cauldron, towards your soil plots and the training grounds.
ErisNear the Fishing Pier doors, left of the Fated List after a run on the surface.
A table with all romanceable characters and their locations.

How to romance characters

  • To romance a character, start by giving them Nectar. You can get it during your runs or from the Wretched Broker.
  • Next, you’ll need to perform incantations (Rite of Vapor Cleansing, Rite of Social Solidarity, and Rite of River-Fording) to gain access to the Hot Springs, the Taverna, and the Fishing Pier.
  • To develop a relationship, gift characters more Nectar or invite them to one of these three locations. You’ll get closer to characters this way, with new dialogue that helps you understand and appreciate their personalities.
  • You can invite them to these locations with Bath Salts, Ambrosia, or Twin Lures respectively.

How to get gifts

The Book of Shadows will show you which gift can deepen your relationship, with a progress bar of hearts marked with the necessary resources. While the last heart might trigger a romance scene, the current Early Access build only mentions that the character ‘wants nothing more from you for now (perhaps in the future…)’. Unlock this book with the Empath’s Intuition incantation (1 Fate Fabric and 3 Myrtle). Get Fate Fabric from the Wretched Broker for 60 Bones and gather Myrtle in the Fields of Mourning. Here’s how you can obtain the key gifts to romance characters:

Romance spotMaterials for incantationResource neededHow to get
Hot Springs2 Moly (Erebus), 2 Lotus (Oceanus), 2 Nightshade (plant seeds dug out from Erebus)Bath SaltsWretched Broker, dug out during runs
Taverna2 Nectar (Wretched Broker), 2 Garlic (plant cloves dug out from Ephyra)AmbrosiaWretched Broker (500 Bones)
Fishing Pier4 Driftwood (Rift of Thessaly), 2 Cattails (plant seeds dug out from Oceanus)Twin LuresWretched Broker
A table that covers how to use romance locations.