How to increase Grasp in Hades 2

How to increase Grasp in Hades 2
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✓ At A Glance
  • To increase Grasp, you’ll need to spend Psyche at Melinoe’s altar in the Crossroads.
  • Navigate to Melinoe’s portrait in the Arcana card menu and you’ll be given the option to upgrade.
  • You can get Psyche from location marked by the Psyche icon, buy it from Charon and the Wretched Broker, complete Tablet of Peace mini-games, and as a reward for completing specific prophecies.

Your progress in successive runs depends not just on fine-tuning and improving your combat skills but also making the most of buff and perk-granting tarot-like Arcana cards. However, the number of cards you can take into a run in Hades 2 depends on how much Grasp Melinoe has at her disposal. 

As you reach further and further into Erebus, Oceanus, and beyond, a solid bank of Grasp is crucial to equip more and more cards, which you’ll need to take on the many dangers and threats ahead. While there are hints that you can increase Grasp, Hades 2 doesn’t provide the best instructions around how this is done, something we found out for our Hades 2 Early Access review. We’ll walk you through how to bump up Melinoe’s Grasp allocation.

Hades 2 how to increase Grasp: colorful swamp like setting with a large glowing altar at the center.
Melinoe’s altar is in the second area of the Crossroads. Captured by VideoGamer.

How to increase Grasp

To increase Grasp, you’ll need to spend Psyche at Melinoe’s altar in the Crossroads. Melinoe’s altar is located in the second area of the Crossroads, on the small path that leads to Schelemeus’ training grounds. Meditate at the altar to bring up the Arcana card selection screen. Navigate to the portrait of Melinoe on the right to select the #17 Grasp of the Arcana card. Doing so will give you the option to upgrade Melinoe’s Grasp by 2 points using 40 Psyche to begin with. 

Hades 2 how to increase Grasp: in-game menu detailing various guards and their buffs and perks.
Select Melinoe’s portrait to see the upgrade option. Captured by VideoGamer.

With each successive upgrade the Psyche cost increases with some pretty hefty jumps later on. Note that Grasp is different to Ashes, which are used to unlock Arcana cards. Grasp is instead used to determine how many cards you can equip simultaneously. Each card has a numerical value (listed in the top right of each card) that when equipped deduct that amount from Melinoe’s Grasp gauge.

How to get Psyche

To get Psyche, you’ll need to complete locations marked by the Psyche symbol, buy it from the Wretched Broker, buy it from Charon, complete prophecies in the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, or complete Tablet of Peace mini-games.

You’ll find rooms marked by the Psyche symbol (a green liquid) throughout runs. When given the option, choose the location and complete it, then pick up the Psyche when it pops up. The deeper you get into a run, the more Psyche you can get from these locations.

Once you’ve unlocked the Wretched Broker at the Crossroads after concocting the Summoning of Mercantile Fortune incantation at the cauldron, you can purchase x5 Psyche for x30 Bones. It’s not the most efficient way to get the resource, but works well in a pinch if you’re a few dozen Psyche short of what you need to level up your Grasp.

During runs, Charon will occasionally offer Psyche as one of the three wares he has for sale. Don’t rely too heavily on this method as it’s pure luck as to whether Charon will have Psyche in stock. If you do stumble into him and you’ve got the spare Gold Crowns, it’s worth the spend.

You can also get Psyche as a reward for completing Fated List of Minor Prophecies, including Valued Customer, The Invoker, and Notes to Self. All three are early-game prophecies you can tick off quite easily for a welcome bump to your stock of Psyche.

Lastly, you can also get Psyche for completing the mini-games available by using the Tablet of Peace on the large Lost Shaes found during runs. The Table of Peace is considered a gathering tool and, once unlocked, can be equipped at the weapons and tools rack in the Crossroads training grounds. The mini-games involve tapping a series of buttons, typically R2 and L2 if you’re using a controller.