How to get G Rock in Hades 2, Glassrock locations

How to get G Rock in Hades 2, Glassrock locations
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Like other Reagents in Hades 2, G Rock (also known as Glassrock) is used in several crafting recipes to make weapons and Aspects. It’s a little hard to come by given that you’ll need to first craft the Crescent Pick tool to mine it and it doesn’t spawn until you’ve made it into Fields of Mourning, the third major region in the game. 

Even if you’ve made it to the Fields, it’s a rare spawn so there’s no guarantee you’ll find any during every run. But, with a little foresight and some patience, you’ll get a relatively steady supply of Glassrock, or at least enough for all the recipes that require the resource. Here’s how to get G Rock.

Hades 2 G Rock: small character dashing towards a shiny rock node in a dark field.
Look out for the shiny rocks in the Fields of Mourning. Captured by VideoGamer.

How to find G Rock in Hades 2

To get G Rock, you’ll need to mine rock deposits in the Fields of Mourning once you’ve unlocked the Crescent Pick tool. These nodes can spawn in any of the locations in the Fields of Mourning and are randomised so there’s no fixed spots to look out for. They appear as jagged, slightly off-colour, purple rock shards protruding from the ground with a glossy finish and shimmer above them. Remember to equip the Crescent Pick gathering tool at the Silver Pool in the Crossroads beforehand to increase the spawn rate.

There’s no guarantee of G Rock spawns on every run, and the rate is further reduced by the size of the locations in the Fields of Mourning. You typically only visit three or four before taking on Infernal Cerberus, the region’s Guardian. Of course, you also have to get past Hecate and Scylla to even reach the Fields, which makes G Rock farming a time consuming task.

To help finding Glassrock easier, it’s worth concocting the Reagent Sensing Incantation, which pinpoints resources in any given location with a trail of light you can follow to reach the deposit. Once you found a G Rock node, hit it three times to get x3 Glassrock. Later on, you’ll also get to concoct the Greater Favor of Gaia Incantation, which allows you to upgrade the Crescent Pick to increase the yield at each node, cutting down on return trips, though you’ll need x6 Glassrock to upgrade the pick.

Hades 2 G Rock: in-game inventory menu detailing Glassrock uses and sources.
Glassrock is used in various recipes, including the Argent Skull. Captured by VideoGamer.

How to use G Rock

G Rock in Hades 2 is used in several crafting recipes:

  • Argent Skull – The fifth and final weapon Melinoe can equip. The recipe costs x2 G Rock and x1 Bronze.
  • Aspect of Artemis – An Aspect for the Sister Blades that grants the chance of a parry then a riposte when channelling your Omega Attack. The aspect costs x1 Glass Rock and x15 Silver.
  • Aspect of Thanatos – A Moonstone Axe Aspect that gives you +1 Critical Chance for every Omega use as long as you don’t take damage. You’ll need x3 Glassrock and x1 Dark to unlock the aspect.
  • Crescent Pick upgrade – An upgrade to the Crescent Pick that improves the yield rate. It costs x6 Glassrock and x4 Iron.

Though the Aspects and Crescent Pick upgrade are optional, it’s worth getting the Argent Skull because you’ll need all five weapons to get access to Aspects, a potent way to up the combat efficiency of Melinoe’s weapons.