Best mods for Hades 2

Best mods for Hades 2
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✓ At A Glance
  • Always Epic Boons
  • Free Weapon Upgrades
  • Zagreus Dash
  • Free Arcana Card Upgrades
  • Pony’s Quality of Life 2
  • Extended Altar of Ashes

From the gruelling boss fights to just staying alive as you explore the Underworld and juggle dozens of Boons, Hades 2 is a genuine challenge. If you’re feeling the pressure and want to ease the experience or customise it to your liking, there’s a growing catalogue of mods dedicated to Supergiant Games’ acclaimed sequel. 

It’s still early days and the game has a long stint in Early Access ahead, but modders have already been hard at work diving into the game’s coded underbelly to eke out all manner of useful mods. We’ll share the best mods for Hades 2 we’ve come across so far.

Always Epic Boons

Tired of common rarity Boons? The Always Epic Boons mod should solve that problem. It ensures every Boon is either of Epic or higher rarity, meaning you’re only getting the very best blessings from the various gods and characters in Hades 2. You can grab this one on NexusMods.

Free Weapon Upgrades

Another useful quality of life mod, the Free Weapon Upgrades mod does what it says on the tin. With the mod installed, you’ll remove all the resource costs associated with unlocking all the Nocturnal Arms and can get all the associated upgrades for free. It cuts down on some heavy grinding for those that want to experiment with different weapons like the Argent Skull early on.

Zagreus Dash

Finding it hard to get to grips with Melinoe’s dash? This mod replaces it with Zagreus’ double dash from the first game, an arguably more responsive and useful evasive manoeuvre. The mod removes the 9-frame input lag as well but keeps the pretty particle trail that follows Melinoe’s dash. Overall, a snappier way to get out of harm’s way.

Free Arcana Card Upgrades

Farming the Moon Dust needed to upgrade Arcana cards takes time; a lot of it. With this mod, you can remove all the resource costs associated with upgrading all the Arcana cards and unlock their full potential immediately. It pushes the cost of all Arcana Cards down to zero. You can pick this one up over on NexusMods.

Pony’s Quality of Life 2

A returning mod from Hades rejigged to work with the sequel, Pony’s Quality of Life 2 offers a range of useful time-saving customisation options for players. It’s a several-mods-in-one type deal for Hades 2. Among them, you can unlock all Gathering Tools and make them usable. There’s also an option to trigger story progress in every room or location you visit during your runs. The story tweak is a little hit or miss so it might be worth letting this one cook for a couple more weeks before firing it up.

Extended Altar of Ashes

A nifty little mod that rejigs the Altar of Ashes Arcana card menu to incorporate additional upgrade levels. With the mod installed, you can push card upgrades to Heroic and Legendary, while also increasing the Grasp cap to 62 so you can equip all cards at once. It also includes appropriate scaling and costs for all the extra upgrades. It also weaves in some clever foresight by automatically pushing back the upgrade and cap to the vanilla maximums when needed to cater for future Early Access updates.