3 Best Team Builds For Alhaitham In Genshin Impact

3 Best Team Builds For Alhaitham In Genshin Impact
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After fully building any character in Genshin Impact, you have to drive forward and build a team around them. However, testing and trying out different team comps is a double-edged sword since even though it is very fun but could become really tiresome and draining. Though, being familiar with the different types of teams you can run your character in can allow you to easily set one up on the go!

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Deciding a team for the most recent addition, Alhaitham is quite an easy task due to his flexible kit and high damage in almost all team compositions. If you want a team that goes well with Alhaitham, we’ll take you through some of the best ones to narrow down your list!

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Top 3 Team Builds For Alhaitham

  1. Spread Team
  2. Bloom/HyperBloom Team
  3. Burgeon Team

Alhaitham is a top-tier main Dendro DPS who remains on the field to constantly deal huge instances of Dendro damage to his opponents. Such high Dendro application and strong Passives make Alhaitham really versatile making very powerful reaction teams. That said, let’s dive into the top three best teams for Alhaitham.

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Spread Team

The Spread team is the best choice for Alhaitham since it takes advantage of Alhaitham’s Elemental Mastery scaling which comes from his Talents and Passives. So the whole team would be as follows:

  • Alhaitham (Main DPS)
  • Yae Miko (Sub-DPS)
  • Kuki Shinobu (Healer)
  • Nahida/Kazuha (Support)

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Kuki Shinobu and Yae Miko act as the Electro Enablers for causing the Quicken reaction where Yae Miko has high off-field Electro application, and Kuki also does the healing. The final slot in the team is flexible and open to choice. You can use Nahida or Yaoyao for additional Dendro applications but using an EM and Elemental DMG buffers like Kazuha or Sucrose is highly recommended!

Spread Team genshin impact

Keep in mind this is intended to be a Spread Reaction team. For that purpose, Electro should be applied before Dendro to cause Quicken and then Dendro again to cause the Spread reaction. Interchanging the two would cause Aggravate, which wouldn’t scale based on Alhaitham’s stats. So with that in mind, use your Supports right to increase your damage and conquer the Abyss!

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Bloom/HyperBloom Team

Bloom teams have been among the top team synergies in case of damage output since the release of Dendro. If you have the Hydro units needed for Alhaitham in this team comp, you can easily trample through your enemies in seconds! So without further ado, let’s take a look at the team members:

  • Alhaitham (Main DPS)
  • Nilou/Yelan/Xingqyu (Sub-DPS)
  • Kuki Shinobu/Sangonmiya Kokomi/Mona (Enabler/Healer)
  • Nahida (Support)

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In this particular team, Nilou and Yelan are the Hydro Enablers who cause reactions with Alhaitham’s Dendro application, both of whom scale on their HP. However, Nilou produces special Dendro cores (Bountiful Cores) that deal extra damage based on Nilou’s HP. For the Dendro application, there’s no better support than Nahida, though you have substitutes like Tighnari and Yaoyao.

Bloom HyperBloom Team genshin impact

Now that we have our Dendro Cores, it’s time to trigger the Bloom/Hyper Bloom reaction. For that, they have to be further Enabled by a Hydro Enabler (Bloom Reaction) or an Electro Enabler (Hyper Bloom Reaction). That depends on the team you intend to make. Both Kuki and Kokomi can act as the Enablers for the team while also healing the Party members, where both cause different reactions.

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Hyper Bloom Team genshin impact

The team rotation depends on which Support you’re running. If you use Kuki for Hyper Bloom reactions, you’ll have to apply Hydro first with the team’s Hydro member, followed by Dendro, and then Kuki’s skill to apply Electro. The same is the case for the Bloom team; just use Hydro again in place of Kuki with your Hydro (Nilou/Kokomi/Yelan/Xingqyu).

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One of the most underrated reactions with Dendro is the Burgeon reaction, which has been uplifted with the release of Alhaitham. This is one of the most unique teams since it utilizes Thoma’s low Pyro application. So we already know the first two, let’s take a look at the rest of the team and how it works:

Burgeon Team

  • Alhaitham (Main DPS)
  • Thoma (Sub-DPS/Shield)
  • Yelan/Xingqyu (Sub-DPS)
  • Kokomi/Mona (Support)

To trigger a Burgeon Reaction, Yelan uses Hydro to produce Dendro Cores with Alhaitham’s Dendro application. These Cores are Enabled by Pyro, which comes from Thoma’s Skill and Burst. Now, for this purpose, Thoma’s weak Pyro application is highly suitable since a character like Xiangling with high Pyro application can mess up the reaction and Vaporize the Hydro applied by Yelan, leaving no room for Dendro to react to make the Cores.

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Burgeon Team Genshin Impact

The team rotation requires you to apply Hydro with Yelan’s Skill or Burst after applying Dendro with Alhaitham to produce the Cores. Then use Thoma’s Burst for Burgeon. Leave Kokomi’s “Jellyfish” (her Skill) on-field for constant Hydro application and healing, after which you can switch back to Alhaitham and constantly apply Dendro. This team allows you to constantly cause reactions with Alhaitham since all characters have off-field Elemental applications!

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Final Thoughts

Alhaitham’s teams have proved to be fierce in battle due to the countless instances of damage. The only effort needed is to set up the team perfectly around him, with all of them being in sync to cause the right reactions. Once the tricky part has been dealt with, clearing Floor 12 on every Abyss refresh would be a piece of cake!