All Oasis Pools locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

All Oasis Pools locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
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Oasis Pools

  • They are a total of five Oasis Pools, all located in the southern Wasteland biome
  • Swimming in Oasis Pools will slowly restore health and shields
  • Each Oasis Pool will typically have at least one chest for players to loot

While the current season of Fortnite is mostly about wacky vehicles, powerful weapons and some dastardly bosses, one new (and much more relaxing) addition to the game is the Oasis Pools. Not only are they a nice break from the chaos, but heading there is required for some quests too.

So whether you’re hunting them down for a quest or just want to head there to recuperate from a big fight, you’re in luck. We’ve put together the locations of all Oasis Pools in Fortnite so you can head there right away.

Fortnite Oasis Pools: A map of Fortnite with five rings showing the locations of Oasis Pools.
There are a total of five Oasis Pools in Fortnite. Image by VideoGamer

Where to find Oasis Pools in Fortnite

There are five total Oasis Pools in Fortnite, all of which are located in the Wasteland biome that covers the majority of the southern section of the map. You should be able to make them out on your map, but to make things easier we’ve marked them all on the map above for your convenience.

In-game, they’re very easy to spot. You can make them out by the colour of their water, which is a brighter and more vibrant shade of blue than the usual rivers and lakes found in the game. They usually also have a couple of buildings or trees nearby that help them stand out from the surrounding areas.

What are Oasis Pools in Fortnite?

Oasis Pools aren’t just a typical body of water. As long as you’re floating in one, you’ll very steadily regain health, and once you reach full health, you’ll even start regaining shields.This can be incredibly useful if you’re out of healing items or simply want to avoid having to use yours. Typically, you’ll also find a chest or two nearby so check around before you leave as you might find some of the new weapons in one!