Forspoken: Best Beginner Spells

Forspoken: Best Beginner Spells
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Forspoken’s magic system is undoubtedly one of the game’s highlights. With a huge amount of variety and flexibility, Frey will be swapping between dozens of unique spells before your time with Forspoken is over.

Forspoken grants you a wide array of spells to unlock right from the off. We’ll help you decide which spells to unlock first with our guide.

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Forspoken Spells – Tendril

Forspoken Spells Tendril

Tendril is a cheap, early pick, and one that is worth getting as soon as possible. This spell deals damage in an area around Frey, dealing damage and healing based on the amount of damage dealt. More healing options are always appreciated, and unlocking Tendril as soon as possible will give your survivability a boost as you get to grips with Forspoken’s combat.

The only downside is – as a support spell – you must contend with it’s cooldown before Tendril can be cast again. But even still, Tendril quickly refreshes, able to be used many times in relatively short succession.

Forspoken Spells – Prime

Forspoken Spells  Prime

Prime is the most directly damaging support spell you’ll have access to in Forspoken’s early hours. While Tendril balances quick, close-up damage and healing, and the starting spell Disperse serves as a reliable turret, Prime is all about damage and disruption.

Once this explosive mine is planted, it’s incredibly easy to lure enemies into its path, sending them flying and taking huge chunks out of their health. Many enemies will be left prone and vulnerable to follow-ups after being affected by Prime. Few early-game spells have as much impact as this one.

Forspoken Spells – Scatter Shot Lv 2

Scatter Shot

Scatter Shot may seem like a weaker alternative to Burst Shot at first, but its true worth becomes apparent soon enough. While this is perhaps the least effective crowd-control option in Frey’s early arsenal, Scatter Shot can quickly rack up damage on large, single target, making it an excellent boss killer. And it’s long-range combo finisher allows you to keep distance from dangerous does and pick away without immediate fear of reprisal.

Forspoken Spells – Burst Shot Lv 2

Burst Shot

Many of Forspoken’s early enemies will be attacking in packs, and Burst Shot is your best option in dealing heavy group damage. Upgrading this primary fire option to Lv 2 not only increase its damage, but also the size of its charged-up shot, enabling you to catch more enemies in the blast.

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Respec Magic Choices

Don’t feel too bad if you don’t enjoy an unlocked spell as much as you expected. One of the most welcome elements of Forspoken’s spell system is the ability to refund a spell for its mana cost, allowing you to experiment with your magical capabilities and make a build that’s right for you.