CS2 queue times – how long are they?

CS2 queue times – how long are they?
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You might be slightly hampered by the CS2 queue times which are stopping many gamers from getting into their competitive matches.

If you’ve been trying to climb up the CS2 ranks, you might have been encountering certain issues with long queue times. Unfortunately, there’s not really much you can do about this aside from sit and wait. However, they aren’t always that long so there’s no reason to fear the queue.

How long are the CS2 queue times?

Since the game was ported to Source 2, the Counter Strike 2 wait times have gone up significantly. Especially waiting around for the Premier mode, which is the new game’s meta competitive queue. It seems as though in the UK – queue times are roughly a minute, though other places, including the United States, are going to have players waiting up to five or seven minutes.

You’re not going to be able to change this – even if you have the best GPU or CPU for CS2. The only thing that’s really going to make a difference is if you have a really fast modem or router – though even then it’s actually likely that the long queue times are a global issue due to there being far too many players that the servers can handle.

Can you speed up CS2 queue times?

Unfortunately, you can’t really speed up the Counter Strike 2 queue times. Due to the surge in players for the game, it seems possible that Valve could increase the server load at some point, however we’re not really sure if this is going to happen anytime soon.