How to save and load game in Chained Together

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✓ At a glance
  • Chained Together doesn’t have a dedicated save system. Instead, the game saves your progress once you leave the game.
  • You can load the game by clicking the Load Previous Save button during lobby creation.
  • The Beginner difficulty has dedicated checkpoints at certain heights that save the game for you.

Chained Together is a game that doesn’t make beating it easy for you and your friends. From difficult leaps that require coordination by four people, to falls resetting your progress because that one player decided to jump off for a laugh. We’ve all been there. But even saving the game and reloading again isn’t as straightforward as we’re used to. 

How to save in Chained Together

There is no directly obvious way to save the game in Chained Together. However, the game saves your progress at any point after you leave the game, or when you enter a new stage. You will know that you’ve entered a new stage when you see the stage’s title on your screen. Lastly, the game has a few automatic checkpoints that sort of function like saves.

How do checkpoints work?

The only way to get checkpoint saves is to play Chained Together on the Beginner difficulty. No other difficulty level has this system, as it’s designed to help players who are just starting out and learning the game. Despite that, there are only three checkpoints currently available in the game, as discovered by itsSanCarlo on Steam:

  • Checkpoint 1: 576m
  • Checkpoint 2: 1675m
  • Checkpoint 3: 2757m

The game will save your progress at these checkpoints and you can come back to them no matter how deep you fall later on. However, due to only being available on Beginner, you won’t be able to score on Leaderboards if you complete the run.

How to load a save in Chained Together

Because there isn’t a dedicated save system, you’d think that loading a save would be difficult too. And you’d be right, up to a point. The devs have improved the game and instituted an easier way to continue playing after leaving the game (and thus generating a save).

You can load the game in the same menu from which you create a lobby. Instead of making a new game, click on the Load Previous Save button. This will allow you to continue from where you left off. However, note that loading a save in this manner will also disable you from ranking on the Leaderboards. 

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