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7 Best Fruits In Blox Fruits Roblox

7 Best Fruits In Blox Fruits Roblox
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The Blox Fruits world is filled with exceptional fruits offering a plethora of buffs, abilities, and boosts. While roaming the different maps and seas, you’ll come across many unique fruits, so deciding which one to keep on yourself can be tricky. After all, you can do so many things in Blox fruits, meaning one fruit might be good in one scenario, but it might perform as well when you shift gears and diverge into other playstyles. 

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What Makes A Fruit ‘Good’ In Blox Fruits

Several factors go into ranking a fruit. Of course, the main factor will always be its usability in PvP and PvE combat. But after that, you also have to consider its general utility. A fruit could be extraordinarily potent but far too clunky to traverse the Blox Fruit seas. That’s why better fruits also factor in speed, traversal, etc. 

Finally, fruits that don’t stand out overall but are easy to acquire as an early-stage crutch are also prevalent in the Blox community, so the general accessibility of a fruit also becomes something to consider. 

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Our 7 Best Fruits In Blox Fruits

Keeping all these factors in mind, we can finally come up with an accurate tier list of the best Fruits available to Blox fruit players. If you ever acquire a good trade for any of these fruits, make sure to hit Accept as soon as possible. 

#7: Light Fruit

Attribute-wise, the Light Fruit can fall somewhat short of all the other top-tier fruits, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a solid fruit. Light has all the traits a beginner Blox Fruit player would need: High damage, great AOE range, and a spectacular movement ability that helps players roam the islands effortlessly. 

While you’ll probably discard Light once you acquire better fruits, it’ll always have a place in your heart as the fruit that paved the path for you to climb up. 

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#6: Shadow Fruit

The Shadow Fruit is one of the most well-rounded combat fruits in the game. In most cases, you’ll find that fruits mostly excel in PvP or PvE. Very rarely do they offer incredible utility in both modes of combat.

However, Shadow has everything you’d want to bring to a fight. It boasts a unique ability in its’ powerful stun effect, and you can direct severe damage onto individual targets in PvP scenarios. When you’re caught up against waves of mobs, you can charge up to your ultimate after rounding everyone near you. Since the ultimate takes a while to achieve its full effect, Shadow isn’t that consistent in deleting multiple waves of mobs, but its PvP capabilities certainly make up for it!

#5: Door Fruit

Everyone knows why Door Fruit is on this list. It’s arguably one of the best utility fruits in the game and certainly one you’d want to add to your permanent fruits. Considering you can teleport to almost any place on the map, it’s an excellent tool for hunting fruits after getting a Devil Fruit notifier. 

Besides that, you can achieve an incredible number of overpowered combos with this fruit since the effects of different fruits can pass through the teleportation doors. 

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#4: Leopard Fruit

Once you get your hands on the Leopard fruit, it can easily be dismissed as an overrated unusable fruit. This primarily stems from the fact that its’ movement capabilities are quite tough to master in tandem with all its damage abilities. 

However, once you let your hands warm up to it (pun intended), you’ll quickly realize how effective the Leopard Fruit is. Its sheer speed makes it an insanely tricky target to hit and much more annoying to deal with when a Leopard user decides to bail and flee. 

What’s even more intimidating is the devastation Leopard can unleash with an adequately executed combo. If you can effectively dash onto a person and dish out a well-timed FInger Revolver…. your opponent is dead after the entire ability combo. For this reason, the Leopard fruit ranks as one of the best PvP fruits in the game, alongside being fun and cheesy to use overall.

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#3: Venom Fruit 

Venom fruit and Leopard fruit share a lot of overlap in the regard that they’re both risk-averse while being a deadly force to reckon with. Venom has an underrated gimmick where the lower you are on Venom, the faster you become. Meaning when you’re in a sticky situation, you can bail and recover without putting your life in danger. 

At the same time, you can play on the offensive with your high DPS and huge AOE abilities. Just like almost every other fruit on this list, Venom has the potential to demolish PvP and PvE enemies with its combos. 

#2: Dough Fruit

Ironically enough, the contender for the best fruit in the game has the least threatening name on this list. But don’t let the name leave a timid, squishy impression of Dough fruit. While it is probably rarer than the rest of the fruits on this list, Dough offers incredible versatility and terrifyingly potent combat prowess. 

For PvP, you must try to land its stun ability and follow through with the rest of its barrage combo, and your opponent is as good as dead. Regarding PvE, your AOE ability should easily take care of those waves of mobs while demonstrating great solo potential against Boss Raids. 

#1: Buddha

We all knew where this list was going after we put Dough Fruit in second place (no hate, please). While Dough is a spectacular fruit in its own right, Buddha has just the right amount of extra flair needed to come in the first place.

One aspect that Buddha comes ahead in is accessibility, which can be a bit annoying as well since the game becomes stale when everyone can get their hands on the most powerful fruits in the game. Buddha is a relatively easy legendary to acquire, and its abilities are nearly impossible to counter in the open world. 

Buddha users can teleport to the character they want to target and instantly deal vast amounts of damage without their opponent getting the chance to react. It’s cheesy to the point that players simply refuse to use it to maintain their ‘Blox honor’. So if you want to play the game on easy mode, grab Buddha the first chance you get and wreak havoc on some poor newbs oblivious to what’s coming their way. 

Final Thoughts 

What makes Blox Fruits such a fun game is the different playstyles you can incorporate into your gameplay. So while this list accurately represents the best fruits to use in Blox Fruits, you should also make sure you’re having fun playing the game. In case you want to see more guides on the different fruits and styles of play you can indulge in, keep an eye out for more guides on Blox Fruits!


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