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Best Controller Settings for Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox

Monster Hunter Rise
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Monster Hunter Rise is a difficult game that will have you micromanaging various different mechanics and abilities while performing a dance of death with dangerous monsters. Preparing your gameplay setup with the best controls is necessary to allow for the most comfortable experience for yourself.

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This guide will look at one of the most popular Nintendo Switch Joycon layouts for Monster Hunter Rise.

Xbox Controller Layout


Best Controls For Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter: Rise will have players performing dozens of actions inside and outside of combat. Learning these controls at the start can be dizzying. Many of the controls could have been more intuitive and looked towards customizing some basics that required improvement.

Monster Hunter Rise – Dash Settings

Initially, you can only dash using the right bumper. You can change the Dash settings to work on both the left analog stick press and the right bumper. We found this to be more intuitive and easier on the fingers.


Monster Hunter Rise – Sheath Settings

If you are unaccustomed to the sheath mechanics in the game, just know that your weapon will automatically sheath whenever you dash. If you prefer having more control over your character sheathes, switch the setting to Manual.

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Monster Hunter Rise – Confirm Button

If you are already experienced in playing Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch and have developed muscle memory for the confirm button, then you should definitely swap it from A to B on the Xbox controller. It’ll make your life easier.

Monster Hunter Rise – Customize Item Bar

Swapping the Item Bar option to the D-Pad instead of the Left Bumper and X/Y default can be a game changer. It might sound confusing, but Monster Hunter Rise requires you to hold the Left Bumper to scroll through your items mid-combat. 

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We found it to be much more intuitive to swap this to the D-Pad instead, allowing for much quicker access to items during combat which comes in handy quite a lot.

Monster Hunter Rise – Increase Camera Speed

While not exactly a control change, due to the lack of a true lock-on in the game, it’s very useful to have a quick and flexible camera. Monsters will only get faster and more difficult to keep track of, and your camera should be able to keep pace with them.

Final Thoughts

These settings should allow you to get the intended experience meant for the original Nintendo Switch controls. Not just this, but some of the improvements will really add to the comfort of managing some otherwise tricky controls and mechanics. We hope you found this useful and will stay tuned for further guides!