Attack On Titan Evolution Codes, Free Spins, Double XP and More (October 2023)

Attack On Titan Evolution Codes, Free Spins, Double XP and More (October 2023)
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Take a dive into the grim and dangerous world of everyone’s favorite anime/manga series Attack on Titan with this Roblox game mode. Fight your way through hordes of Titans as a scout facing untold dangers as you try to protect humanity from the threat of Titans. Since it’s not easy trying to survive on Paradis, the developers of the game have introduced redeemable Attack On Titan Evolution codes as a way for players to get some free power-ups to help their progress. Keep on reading to know how you can find and redeem these codes to aid you in your fight against the Titans. 

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Attack On Titan Evolution Codes

Attack On Titan Evolution has a large number of codes for players to redeem and get benefits from. The game has a leveling and combat system which is dependent on your abilities and upgrades. Redeemed items such as Spins allow you to try your chance at unlocking cool new powers while getting XP boosts and gold through the redeemable codes will help you grow your characters faster. 

All in all, these are definitely worthwhile perks to redeem if you want to get an edge in the war against Titans. 

Currently Active Attack On Titan Evolution Codes

Here is a list of the currently active redeem codes for Attack On Titan Evolution. The developers are very proactive about releasing and expiring codes so make sure you redeem these as soon as possible before you miss out on the free rewards.

  • 118KLIKES
  • 470KLIKES
  • NEWChaoticRaids!
  • SorryForShutdown
  • SOON
  • 103KLIKES
  • CratesFix
  • FamilyFix
  • Return

Expired Attack On Titan Evolution Codes

Below are some of the codes for Attack on Titan Evolution that have since expired. This means that you won’t have any luck trying to redeem any of the following codes. However, they do give you a good idea of what rewards to expect with future codes. 

Expired CodeReward
50KLIKESGet 12k Gold
5MVISITSGet 40 Spins
1MVISITSGet 125 Spins
75KFAVSGet 75 Spins
20KLIKESGet 75 Spins
AOTERELEASEGet 200 Spins and an XP Boost
25KLIKESGet 25 Spins and an XP Boost
2MVISITS+Get 25 spins
2MVISITSGet 25 spins
30KLIKESGet 25 spins
40KLIKESGet 12k Gold
35KLIKESGet 25 Spins
100KFAVSGet 25 Spins
25KLIKESGet 25 Spins and XP Boost
fixesGet 10k Cash
peakGet 175 Family Spins
stresstestGet 25 Family Spins
10klikesGet 50 Family Spins

How to Redeem Attack On Titan Evolution Codes

Like all Roblox game modes, redeeming codes is a streamlines process here as well. If you are not sure where to find the redeem option, then simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch Roblox and open the Attack On Titan Evolution game mode.
  2. Click on the MENU button (shaped like a hamburger) on the bottom left of your screen
  3. Next, head over to Settings (a cog button)
  4. Click on Codes and enter your redeemable code in the text box that pops up
  5. Press Enter and enjoy your free rewards

Final Thoughts

Attack On Titan is one of the most popular franchises in the world and Evolution seems to only be growing with more and more content from the developers. They will keep putting out new updates and new codes, so you’re bound to have an ample supply of freebies. Make sure to bookmark our page because we will regularly update these codes and keep you up to date.

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