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Arsenal codes June 2023

Arsenal codes: Several characters in Arsenal fighting each other
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If you’re in the mood for a good shooter, our Arsenal codes will help you get on your way. Arsenal is a first-person shooting game on Roblox, often compared to Call of Duty because of its aesthetic and how it plays. This is one of the most competitive Roblox games you’ll find, so don’t be afraid to take every advantage you can get your hands on.

The codes below won’t offer much in the way of cosmetics for players, but they’ll allow you to teleport to some of the more unique maps in the game. If you’re looking for ways to customise your Roblox avatar, you can check out our guide on the latest Roblox promo codes instead. We update these Arsenal codes every day to keep our list up to date.

Arsenal codes (active)

Updated 2 June 2023. No new codes added.

These are the latest Arsenal codes that you can redeem:

  • fate – Redeem to teleport to the Fate map
  • goodnight – Redeem to teleport to the Snowy Bridge map
  • FLAMINGO – Redeem for free rewards
  • John – Redeem for a free announcer voice

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How to redeem Arsenal codes

Arsenal Codes: Arsenal codes redemption screen

It is very easy to redeem Arsenal codes. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Arsenal on your Roblox console of choice.
  2. Click on the Twitter icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type in the code exactly as it appears above and the reward will be automatically added to your character.

Some players have reported a bug when redeeming several codes in the same game session, with an error message displaying saying that the code is expired. If this happens, close Arsenal and reload it, which usually clears the bug.

Once you’ve redeemed these Arsenal codes, you can check out the other Roblox codes on offer. We have the latest Anime Souls Simulator codes for you to redeem. If you’re after something more relaxed, we have new Adopt Me codes to help you get fresh pets and other freebies.

How can I get more Arsenal codes?

Normally, new Roblox codes are revealed on social media channels run by the developers. In this case, you can find new Arsenal codes by following the ROLVEStuff Twitter Account or by joining their dedicated Discord server.

Why aren’t my Arsenal codes working?

Arsenal codes aren’t usually valid for very long. If they were released more than a few weeks ago, they are probably already expired. This often happens when new content is released or when the game is updated by the developers.


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