• Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3

    The third game in the 2 million selling series takes Ty to a shadowy world full of danger.

  • Snow

    RTS set around a criminal empire.

  • Rugby Challenge 2006

    The next rugby game from the developers of Jonah Lomu Rugby.

  • City of the Dead

    First-person shooter made with the invlovement of zombie legeng George A Romero.

  • Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie

    Videogame version of the much anticipated Peter Jackson movie.

  • Battalion Wars

    3D Gamecube version of the much loved GBA turn based strategy title.

  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike

    The turn based strategy game from the GBA makes its way to the DS.

  • Odama

    Pinball game with a military theme.

  • Black

    FPS from Criterion, the developers behind the smash hit Burnout series.

  • Okami

    Playing as the wolf-form of Amaterasu, you must return color to the land by defeating monsters.

  • Gunstar Super Heroes

    The much anticipated sequel to one of the MegaDrives most fondly remembered titles.

  • Meteos

    A compelling blend of the best puzzle genre traditions. Best described using the plain Engrish found in the game intro - "We need you, save our planet!" Yes. Quite.

  • Commandos: Strike Force

    The Commandos series switches to first-person.

  • Spy vs. Spy

    Update of the age-old classic spy 'em up. Also a travesty.

  • Project Gotham Racing 3

    Follow-up to the brilliant Xbox racing game. Will this be a benchmark title for the 360?

  • Perfect Dark Zero

    The killer Xbox 360 launch title? Can this follow-up to the N64 classic be the hit MS need it to be?

  • New Super Mario Bros.

    The classic side scrolling Mario gameplay returns in the first original side scrolling Mario platform game Nintendo have created in a long time.

  • Kingdom Hearts II

    The follow-up to the Square Disney collaboration.

  • Final Fantasy XII

    Quite possibly the last Final Fantasy game to appear on the PlayStation 2.

  • Ratchet: Gladiator

    Ratchet takes a more action oriented approach in the fourth game in the series.

  • Real World Golf

    The second game to use the Gametrak controller. Real World Golf puts you into the game by giving you a golf club which you can swing in your living room.