• Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

    Realistic war game from Gearbox and Ubisoft, made with the help of Colonel John Antal.

  • Def Jam Fight For New York

    Another bone crunching hip-hop fighting games. Is this one up to scratch?

  • Condemned

    Sega and Monolith team up to make this next generation FPS psychological thriller.

  • All Points Bulletin: Reloaded

    Either uphold or break the law in this online Cops vs Robbers game from the man behind the creation of the GTA series.

  • Coffee Tycoon

    Become head of your own coffee empire and rule the world in this tycoon sim.

  • Coded Arms

    The first FPS announced for the PSP looks to set the benchmark that others need to follow.

  • Lost in Blue

    You're on an island.

  • Pump It Up: Exceed

    Port of the arcade dancing game, looking to beat DDR at its own game.

  • Guild Wars

    MMORPG from the creators of Guild Wars requires no monthly fee to play.

  • Singles 2: Triple Trouble

    This sequel to 'Singles: Flirt Up Your Life' features a new graphics engine, as well as new story lines, clothes and items. You share an apartment with two others.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault

    Expansion for the critically and commercially successful RTS from Relic.

  • The Matrix: Path of Neo

    Take Neo through the entire Matrix film trilogy in the second Matrix game from Atari.

  • LEGO Star Wars

    Gameloft combine LEGO with Star Wars to bring you this kids game based on Star Wars Episode I, II, and III.

  • Sparta: Ancient Wars

    RTS featuring stunning visuals. Sparta is set to be the first in the Ancient Wars series.

  • Metroid Prime Pinball

    A DS pinball game based on the Metroid franchise

  • Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer

    Action adventure based upon native American mythology.

  • Tycoon City: New York

    Construct and manage your own business in new york, fending off the competition and becoming rich and famous

  • Crime Life: Gang Wars

    Battle the streets for gang control in this new crime based urban action game from Konami.

  • Swords of Destiny

    Third-person action epic set in beautiful Japanese locations.

  • Rome: Total War

    Rome: Total War features revolutionary technology that brings epic, cinematic battles to the PC with graphics and gameplay beyond anything which has ever been seen

  • Sudeki

    Western developed RPG from Climax. This is a port of the Xbox original, being handled by Climax Action.