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  • Disney Magic Kingdoms

    On: iPhone/iPod

    In Disney Magic Kingdoms players can build the park of their dreams by recreating iconic attractions influenced by the Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Paris and more.

  • The Bridge

    On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii U, PS Vita

    An Escher-inspired adventure puzzle game

  • Runbow

    On: Wii U

    Couch multiplayer for 9 players

  • Stories: The Hidden Path

    On: PlayStation 4

    Action RPG with real time changing narrative

  • Mediocre Monster

    On: PC

    RPG where you control a level 1 goblin

  • Terror Tec

    On: PC

    The debut game from solo independent developer Brian Cranst about the terrifying nature of technology.

  • Dollhouse

    On: PlayStation 4, PC

    Terror game with film noir visuals

  • Sometimes Always Monsters

    On: PC

    Sequel of Always Sometimes Monsters

  • TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4

    On: PC

    Join TY on an exciting new adventure in the great Aussie Outback.

  • Soul Axiom

    On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U

    First-person sci-fi adventure game that will take you on a journey through the deepest, darkest recesses of your soul

  • Curses ‘N Chaos

    On: PlayStation 4, PC, PS Vita

    8-bit brawler

  • Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey

    On: PlayStation 4, PC, PS Vita, iPhone/iPod

    Online RPG with Hitoshi Sakimoto and Kazushige Nojima in the credits

  • Pixel Art Academy

    On: PC

    Online adventure game that teaches how to create pixel art

  • Fingered

    On: PC

    "Hyperrealisic police sim" by The Binding of Isaac's creator

  • The Flock

    On: PC

    First-person asymmetrical multiplayer horror game.

  • Unfinished: An Artist’s Lament

    On: PC

    Hand-sketched 3D adventure game

  • Resident Evil 2 Remake

    On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    It's official: Resident Evil 2 is being remade for modern platforms.

  • Empires Apart

    On: PC

    RTS that drinks from the genre roots

  • Soints 2

    On: iPhone/iPod

    Abstract puzzle build on merger of music, graphics and physics

  • The Town of Light

    On: Xbox One, PC

    LKA's psychological thriller investigates the treatment of mental health patients in the 1940s through the eyes of lead character Renee, who was admitted to Volterra Asylum at 16.

  • Out of Sight

    On: PC

    Narrative video game experience based on a family traumatism