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  • Rex Odyssey

    On: PC

    2.5D and 3D platformer/adventure game in the vein of the old classics set in a colorful world with tons of characters and a lot of things to do

  • Oliver & Spike: Dimension Jumpers

    On: PC, Wii U

    Mix between adventure and platformer with dimensions jumping twist

  • Mekazoo

    On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U

    Throwback 2d platformer with vibrant and fully 3d worlds that can be explored and conquered with a kinetically diverse cast of Mekanimals

  • Light Fall

    On: PC

    Epic platformer adventure where darkness prevails over the light

  • Fossil Echo

    On: PC

    Platformer/adventure game about a boy and his journey to climb a giant tower

  • ClusterTruck

    On: PlayStation 4, PC

    Chaotic physics based truckformer.

  • Chester United

    On: PC

    Platformer with multiple playabale characters and styles that can be changed on the fly

  • Ayo the Clown

    On: PC

    2.5D platform game about a Clown adventuring through a very imaginative world looking for his dog, Bo

  • Atakapu

    On: PC

    Platformer 2.5D with a cute character and two gameplay type, Agility and Attack.

  • A Hat in Time

    On: PC

    Mario 64 inspired 3D platformer

  • 40Hz: Forgotten Future

    On: PC

    Platformer with hand-painted watercolor visuals

  • Angry Birds Action

    On: iPhone/iPod

    A pinball-inspired new game in the Angry Birds series.

  • Steel Empire 3DS

    On: Nintendo 3DS

    Shooter with steampunk scenery and retro gameplay.

  • Dreadnought

    On: PC

    A 5v5 space action game from the developers of Spec Ops: The Line.

  • Dead Island: Definitive Edition

    On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Deep Silver's PS4 & Xbox One compilation includes remastered versions of the original Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide

  • Crown and Council

    On: PC

    Crown and Council is a casual strategy game of geopolitical drama.

  • Vagante

    On: PC

    Action-rpg adventure that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels

  • Tower of Samsara

    On: PC

    2D pixel art action platform

  • StarBreak

    On: PC

    Skill-based action platformer MMO

  • Seraph

    On: PlayStation 4, PC

    Skill-based, acrobatic shooter.

  • Planet Alpha 31

    On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Atmospheric action-platformer mixed with bits of exploration and puzzles