Junker Queen Overwatch 2 – Abilities, Weapons, Gameplay & Tips

Junker Queen Overwatch 2 – Abilities, Weapons, Gameplay & Tips
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Overwatch 2 is a team-based first-person shooter where players can choose from 35 different heroes to build a team to dominate their foes. Each hero has their own unique playstyle, abilities, and weapons. In addition to each hero being different in their own way, they also fall into one of three different roles in Overwatch 2. These roles are tanks who can shield their allies from harm, supports who can heal their team, and DPS that can deal damage to their foes. Junker Queen is a brand new tank hero released in Overwatch 2, and she can be a real menace in the right hands. Here is everything that players need to know about using Junker Queen in Overwatch 2.

Who is Junker Queen in Overwatch 2?

Junker Queen is the newest tank addition to the Overwatch series, and she specializes in brutally wounding her opponents and boosting her allies. Considered to be a berserker-type character, she is able to survive best when she is hurting her foes. Players who pick the Junker Queen will be able to help aid their team with executing pushes and giving them the leverage they need to win in narrow chokepoints. With Junker Queen at the helm, players can lead the charge and bolster their allies to help navigate their team to victory.

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Rework of tank heroes in Overwatch 2

There were some changes made to Overwatch 2 in regard to the team compositions. Previously, players participated in 6v6 matches, however, in Overwatch 2, these have been reduced to 5v5 matches. This means that there is now one less tank on each team. To compensate for these differences in how teams are built, each role received a passive to help them out in combat. For tanks, this passive ability lets them take 30% reduced knockback from effects and grants them a 50% reduction to the amount of Ultimate charge that they grant to any enemy that strikes them. This makes it so tanks like Junker Queen won’t get pushed around, and won’t help to feed the enemy team Ultimate when they are defending on the front lines.

Junker Queen’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Junker Queen Weapons and Abilities

Junker Queen excels when she is going toe-to-toe with enemies in close-quarters combat. She is able to use her abilities to cause grievous wounds to them, which can grant her a sustaining heal for each target that is wounded. The more players she is damaging, the greater she will be able to support her own health reserves. Players who want to play as Junker Queen can use her abilities to not only help Junker Queen survive but to absolutely decimate the enemy team.

Adrenaline Rush

The cornerstone of Junker Queen’s survivability is tied to this fantastic passive ability, Adrenaline Rush. This passive provides a simple, yet important effect that causes all wounds on enemy targets to heal her for all damage dealt. This means that in order to maximize this ability, players will want to put wounds on as many enemies as possible. Doing so will not only help by hurting the enemy team but will grant her healing which can keep her in the fight for longer.


Junker Queen’s primary weapon is Scattergun. This is a shotgun that is best used at close ranges, and will quickly lose effectiveness if the player tries to deal with targets that are further away. Furthermore, it helps to augment her secondary fire method as that requires being in closer ranges as well. The Scattergun can hold 6 ammo in the magazine and takes 1.5 seconds to reload.

Jagged Blade

For her secondary fire mode, Junker Queen has a special Jagged Blade. This blade’s passive ability allows her quick melee attacks to cause the target to become wounded. In addition, players can use this blade to throw it at enemies. Pressing the button again will return it to her hands. In this way, players can get into close ranges and swipe at the enemies in range and will be healed for all targets they wound in this fashion.

Commanding Shout

One of the most powerful abilities in her arsenal, Commanding Shout allows Junker Queen to cause herself to be healed for 200 and her allies for 50. In addition to this effect, she will also increase the movement speed of everyone affected by 30%. This ability has a radius of 15 yards, which was recently reduced from 20 for being too oppressive. The effect will last for 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Used properly, this ability can give teams the push they need to win in a team fight or push through a barricade.


Another staple ability for Junker Queen, Carnage lets her swing a mighty axe in front of her, which causes 90 damage to enemies in an arc. Any targets affected by this swing are also wounded and will take 40 damage over time. In addition, since these targets are wounded, this will also heal Junker Queen for any wound damage dealt. This ability has a cooldown of 8 seconds and can be used in close quarters to hit a lot of targets at once.


For her Ultimate Ability, Junker Queen has Rampage. When used, this lets Junker Queen charge forward and slam into targets within a 5-meter radius. Any enemy affected by this will not only take 100 damage over time from a wound, but it will also heal Junker Queen for any wound damage dealt. In addition, targets struck by Rampage will have a debuff on them that will prevent healing done to them. This means that Junker Queen can bolster her team, rush in, prevent all healing and quickly finish off a team while they cannot be healed. Players should try to use this ability in team fights when they can hit multiple enemies at once.

Tips for playing Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

As the newest tank character in Overwatch, Junker Queen can be highly oppressive and is much more active in dealing damage than many tanks. Because this damage is linked directly to her sustain, she should always be front and center in a fight, boosting her team and wounding the enemy. Players of Junker Queen should be wary of other heroes who can outrange or flank her, as she has limited mobility outside of boosting herself and the team with Commanding Shout.  In addition, her healing is tied to damage, and hence cannot be used instantly, which puts her at a disadvantage compared to other tanks such as Roadhog who can heal instantly. 

Choose Junker Queen to brawl to victory in Overwatch 2

Any players who want to have a brawler or berserker-style build will love Junker Queen in Overwatch 2. With so much self-sustain, it can be fun to simply see how many wounds can be stacked up on the enemy team at once. However, players will need to be careful they don’t bite off more than they can chew. Learning to stay in range to land hits to gain wounds is paramount to success with Junker Queen. For players who can learn to master Junker Queen and stack the wounds for additional healing, they can be a powerhouse and brawl their way to a victory for their team in Overwatch 2.