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Unlockable Characters VS DLC (Or maybe I'm just old)!

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At the ripe old age of 26 I'm feeling old. I don't understand these new fangled fighting games. Prior to yesterday, my top fighters were Budokai 3 for the ps2 and Mortal Kombat 2009.

But even starting in 2009 we had a problem that's grown rampant across the gaming industry. Paid DLC replacing in game unlockables (instead of just augmenting them).

Compare Budokai 3 (still the peak of DBZ fighters) with it's latest competition, Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

Budokai 3 has 42 characters (not even counting the separate forms/fusions that later games would list separately). Every character not part of the base roster is unlocked through gameplay.

Fighter Z has 43 chacters total. 24 of them are included in the base game. 3 are unlockable through gameplay. 19 characters are paid DLC.

This is outrageous, and I'm honestly surprised the gaming communities have accepted this maliciously predatory business model.

Predatory DLC is not just limited to Fighter Z. Year after year games are releasing with 60% of their content for 100% of the price, then they get the remaining content sold to you.usps tracking showbox speed test

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