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Thinking of jumping to Xbox this gen, opinions please!

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I had 360 and loved it, but last gen I went PS4 for games like uncharted, last of us, horizon etc. The thing is I’ve found I’ve put on my PS4 loads of times and had nothing to play and don’t want to repeat single player games I’ve already completed. (Overwatch was a favourite of mine but I’m deffo bored of that, same with battlefield 1, and a couple of cod games)

Everyone is saying xbox is going to flop but I miss gears, halo etc online plus I found I don’t chat on PS4 servers in game.

Do you think I should go for Xbox or is it best to wait it out and see what happens?

I’m a Mac user for music production work and don’t want to invest in a pc.

I also have a switch and 100% games like hollow knight steel soul etc.tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/

I also refuse to pay £50 for a game as with the mass amount of people who now buy games they deffo should not be more than £30 at launch. Game pass does seem interesting.

Please help


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