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I wished there were a shooter game like this.

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I wish there was a game that had a lower time sink to learn, but still has a high skill ceiling. A game that isn't nearly completely based around competitive ranking and esports criticism being superior to that of dedicated players, but not so casual that a majority of the player base doesn't care about winning. Like the ultimate sweet spot of multiplayer shooters.

Something that a person who works a job could play, and something that people who dedicate a lot of hours can enjoy. Because almost always the two are contradictions.

Been having a hard time with the grind of games like CS:GO and getting past gold in R6:S, but not much of a fan of more casual styled single player games. Something in between would be cool, no idea what it would look like though. Tell me if more niche games like this exist.https://19216811.cam/ https://1921681001.id/  https://jpgtopdf.onl/ 

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