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Chris Pineson

PoE News: Path of Exile's Fifty Items Have Been Rebalanced By The Studio GGG (Grinding Gear Games)

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The studio Grinding Gear Games is still keeping things moving just by tweaking the numbers on 50 Path of Exile items, and what's more, it has shared 10 that are getting a tuneup.

As we all know that balance is quite important to game studios and gamers alike. That is why the studio Grinding Gear Games (usually abbreviated as GGG) has determined to tweak the numbers in many Path of Exile items, and certainly, Path of Exile Currency is not among these items.

Path of Exile is famous for being a Diablo-esque procedurally generated action adventure with a ludicrously large passive skill tree and gemstones that are attached to armor and weapons. In spite of recent difficulties developing during a Coronavirus pandemic, Grinding Gear Games is still keeping things moving forward, and that has shared ten items that are getting a tuneup, and those are, respectively: a shield, a pair of boots, an amulet, two gems, and five weapons.

The gem named Hotfooted got even much faster, right now potentially generating with up to 20% speed boost, which currently applies to cast and attack speed. That will be incredibly useful for the latest expansion Path of Exile: Harvest, where players will literally farm enemies for their own Lifeforce.

The amulet Ungil's Harmony has already lost its 25% reduction of the critical strike multiplier, but right now makes critical strikes do no harm. The upshot, however, is that it now offers up to 350% critical strike opportunity. This makes it perfect for characters who might have other passive or abilities that have certain effects that activate with a critical strike.

One of the weapons that have got amped up is the Brain Rattler increasing its opportunity to inflict a devastating shock from 15% to 50%, and shock damage is also boosted by 300%. Of course, that's the voltage that would even make Pikachu feel very proud of. Melee builds who wants to inflict as much lightning damage as possible will have to defeat the Path of Exile boss known as the Guardian of the Minotaur get their hands on this two-handed mace.

The league-restricted scepter known as The Dark Seer made a change that suits the name more obviously. In addition to being able to blind enemies 10% of the time, now the weapon makes a lot of players both immune to blind and able to, for the duration of the blinding effect, inflict the powerful Malediction debuff on a lot of enemies.

Currently, Path of Exile is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, if you want to check items to see how those items rebalance Path of Exile, well, my opinion is you'd better experience that all by yourself, and of course, do not focus on collecting PoE Currency that you will lose the hard effort that the studio has made for you.

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