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Clash of Kings

S3 World Cup in Clash of Kings-Updates of the First Quarter Division Matches

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It’s a quarter of the way into the Division Matches of the S3 WC! After playing the matches so far in the campaign, lords should have a better understanding of the S3 World Cup rules and game play. So now that players have found their style, what suits the team best to get the most points from matches, what comes next is the real fierce competition!


S3 World Cup rules: 16 rounds of matches will be held within each division, according to the points rules; 3 points for a victory; 2 points for a draw; 1 point for a lost round, The top 8 alliances of each division will be determined after the matches. The top 8 alliances of each division then will join single knockout matches and determine the champion of each division. After an offseason of 1 week, the champions of the four divisions will play against each other to determine the final champion via knockouts!

The Division Champion teams get a $10,000 cash prize per team, the Global Runner-up gets $10,000 cash prize, and the World Champion gets $20,000! 


Who will make it through to get the final big cash prize?! The future is uncertain but everyone has a chance! Dreams of glory and rewards, will come true for the teams who deserve victory.

Check the entrance: “COK World Cup-Current ranking”.

Who do you think will take it all the way? let's wait and see!





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