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  1. Hi r/games, with the news of Halo 3 ODST launching very soon, I was looking back at the game. I lamented the fact that due to engine and hardware limitations, Halo 3 ODST wasn't able to make as strong of a use of rainfall as Bungie may have hoped to use. It's evident that they would have liked to do so by looking at the games marketing, it's prologue, and the games behind the scenes. The game's TGS 2008 Trailer showed off a city during a storm, the opening text takes place in a storm, and the game's overture on the official OST plays over rain sounds, while the most popular track in the game, Deference to Darkness, has its most popular section titled "Rain". And while Halo 3 was able to show rainfall during the level "The Storm", it's clear that to sell a city at night during rainfall, it would take far more effo
  2. I want to emulate Andriod games for a YouTube video ill be doing soon so I will need an emulator for Andriod's OS. Whats the best one to use?https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/
  3. Later on this year when I get more money, I was thinking of investing in a gaming platform where I can play more western third party games. My taste is pretty much third party western games like GTA, and Nintendo. The games Im really interested in when I see the PS4 is stuff like DOOM or Dark Souls 3, and since the PS4 Pro with a game or two costs almost half a grand in Canadian dollars, would it be better to just invest in building a Gaming PC or wait for the PS4 to become cheaper?
  4. 'm planning a PC build for October if the budget is right and I can snag a 3070. I've been away from PC gaming since about 2008 when I was playing on the rig I built back in 2007; however, I have done some console gaming here and there. I'm pumped to return to PC gaming but I'd love some game suggestions. I'm open to a wide variety of genres, but I'm not typically very interested in turn based jRPG games like Pokémon, Persona, Octopath. I'm also not into the punishing difficult games like Souls/Bloodborne and the like.https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/
  5. I’m looking for a game that I played as a child. That's how I remember the game: - 2D game - character was a worm - The only thing i remember from the game is that there's a part where we are inside someone's body, and in the end the way we escape is his stomach explodesSHAREit Appvn
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