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  1. My bank doesn't give me any money and I can't really ask family or friends for money. I know I can fix this by in two ways. One is by getting a better paying job which I'm fairly confident I can get but it will take some time. The other way is to do deliveries by bicycle. I have holidays for the first time this week so I could really log in some good hours and make some cash. However I need some money for a decent smartphone, cycling clothing and money to eat. What options do I have if I want $500 in my bank account today? I read about payday loans and that you can get money really fast that way. I would like to know more. What are reliable websites? I don't have a problem with paying more as and I'm confident I can pay it back and I don't see other options but I would like to know all the consequences of taking a payday loan before I get one.
  2. Hey, onlineslotsx has great slots for free online, so I can play from my home. I usually plan on playing some combination of blackjack, craps, video poker, live poker and roulette in any given casino night. Slots or carnival games if I need to give my brain a break. All depends on what’s busy and what just feels right that night.
  3. I prefer gambling. Jack Mobile Casinos https://jackmobilecasinos.com/mobile-slot/beat-the-beast-cerberus-inferno/ has been my go-to place to do online gambling, I've found no other sites that give the same confidence when I gamble. The games are great, fast and allow you to use many strategies to try and win.
  4. For me, free casino games has been a main point of reference right from my first contact with the online gaming industry. Very good games that work properly without glitches unlike some other online casinos. Good resource for a new player like me.
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