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  1. Hello everyone, No matter what game I play online, there is always someone calling me some racial slur or calling me a jew or something. And I'm sick of it. Call me a snowflake or cuck or whatever dumb insult you have, but why should I have to deal with this? Why should I have to inconvenience myself to open up extra menus to mute these people, when it's them who should be inconvenienced. They're the ones being disruptive. Yet I have to take extra steps just to enjoy my game experience https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/ https://happymod.site/. The thing I really want to see discussed is why do we put up with this? Why do we allow this to happen? What steps could we as gamers take to combat this? I know this is more of a national politics issue than a gaming issue, but it's something that we all have dealt with at some point while gaming. I want to know when enough is enough for other gamers.
  2. Hello everyone,, You heard me it was actually about racing never took itself seriously was over the top and in a franchise with vin diesel in it it had the worst actor but it has a charm to it it's different they should revisit it especially since Han is back https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps With Han back there is no doubt in my mind they will make a Tokyo Drift 2 or give him his own spinoff and it will be better than Hobbs and Shaw (wouldn't take much tbh). Tokyo Drift is not the best in the series though, the bad acting straight up killed that movie for me, I'd go with 1 or 5 being the best.
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