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  1. H.P Lovecraft was a writer who mostly wrote horror stories about realizing how tiny and meaningless human existence is, and that ancient, horrible "Gods" control and roam the vast, infinite universe. Yet in terms of videogames Lovecraftian seems to refer to the enemies only. If the monsters have tentacles or insect-like bodies that do not apply to normal biological evolution then we describe them as Lovecraftian. Is it possible for a game to go the other path? To focus on meaninglessness and the overwhelming concept of science being limited? That dimensions and rule-breaking geometry exists and is navigable before our eyes? happymod
  2. Hi everyone! During quarantine in Italy, my GF got interested in a couple of games, but the one that got her attention the most was “Lost in blue” for Nintendo DS, she finished it and the sequel and now wants more of that kind. I really want to buy her a game regardless of what platform it’s in (I don’t have an Xbox, the rest is good). For everyone that don’t know what this game is , basically it’s a slow paced survival game with lots of fishing, gathering, hunting but no killing. It seems that she don’t like to kill people in games other than Brawl stars. I already tried to show her Minecraft and Subnautica, but they didn’t get her attention. Do you have any suggestion? I love to see her playing it reminds me when I was playing Spyro on PlayStation so the more suggestions you have the merrier.usps tracking showbox speed test
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