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  1. I read now a book about c# scripting on Unity.
  2. Destiny 2 since it became free. I like this game even if it has a lot of donation content, but I didn't pay anything and now already have a good weapon for pvp and pve. The gameplay is very dynamic and I can't sometimes notice as a few hours came out like few minutes, so I try to play just an hour for a day, cuz it's hard to make a combination of work and game today)
  3. I've heard about this service, maybe try a couple of games on it, although I'm not a fan of promoted brands. The best way to find high bonuses and convenient service is to browse the top brands in the growing gambling regions. Therefore, I rely on my skills in analyzing services, selecting only the best offers on quality resources as Indian online casino at the CasinoTopList. In this period I am making good money in the Indian region, so I advise you to look at it.
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