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  1. Not sure if buying an essay is a good idea. I think it's better to paraphrase the text of one of the free templates in the Library of essay than to buy an essay that may have already been sold to different students several times and you will end up not receiving a unique completed assignment in college, but an accusation of plagiarism and possible exception from college.
  2. Fausteen

    I need advice

    I think that you just found bookmaker sites, but didn't search for sites or smartphone apps for esports betting. I also used my computer before to place bets, but now I found where I can download GGBET and this is really the best betting application I have seen. This application doesn't take up much space and there is a very user-friendly interface, I think that even beginners can handle it. I hope you install it and see how it works, maybe this is what you are looking for too.
  3. Fausteen

    I need advice

    I'm planning business trip to Tallinn. I have never been to Estonia before, , so it would be cool if someone shared his story about a trip to Tallinn and what features a tourist should know in advance? I don't understand a bit how to use public transport in this country. If you have instructions on this, then I would be happy to know more about it.
  4. Fausteen

    I need advice

    How do you store your DVDs with movies or games so that it doesn't take up space?
  5. How to pick up my new furniture from the warehouse of the online store? It turned out that they had a queue for delivery for more than two weeks, but I can get my furniture by picking it up from the warehouse. My Ford sedan won't fit a kitchen set and a sofa, even though I don't know who can help me shift this in my house ...
  6. Fausteen

    I need help

    Your desire to improve your writing skills is commendable. I think you need to use student sites for this. There you can find many tutorials, instructions, and articles with explanations and tips. I'm sure that if you read more about essays, abstracts or research papers and practice writing the text correctly, you will get excellent results soon and will be able to develop your writing skills at high level. I can help you with mla format abstract because also recently look for information on this. I liked that in this article https://wr1ter.com/how-to-write-an-abstract is detailed description with explanations. When you understand why thisstructure of the text need to use for this type of assignment, or understand how you need to write plan for this essay, then this is deliberate work and you cope with it faster. I hope you will be able to write an informative abstract and in the correct format.
  7. To be honest, I'm not very good at writing essays, and even more in the formatting of the text in accordance with all the requirements for this. I often use free writing tools for my essays or research papers. I think that on this portal https://cite4me.org/ you can find help and solution for this problem. In addition to articles with instructions on what format is needed for a particular citation, you can see how an online machine for creating ready-to-use citations works. It seems to me that this should help you deal with this and will definitely be needed more than once in the future.
  8. I know that it's quite difficult to develop any business in the current conditions, but you can always find a solution in order to make a profit and increase your sales. One of them is to attract more new customers. I know this works well when you enter the international market. Of course, you will have to find help, because this is a global increase in the workload and if you want to deal with it, then you can find professionals to help you with it. I know that now often online business owners are looking for outsourcing services. I also recently found WOW 24 7 and these guys really help me in many ways. They have a lot of outsourcing services that they provide and I found everything I needed to start working with foreign clients. At the same time, my staff hasn't increased and I still save my money on office rent.
  9. It seems to me that many factors can cause hair loss and you probably know better than me about whether you are currently experiencing severe stress or not, whether you suffer from some kind of eating disorders or whether you have liver disease or not. Only the specialist can tell the real reason, but I think that you need to think not only about stopping this process, but also you need to get fast growth of new healthy hair. I think that the solution that modern aesthetic medicine offers can help you with this. I'm talking about Stem Cell Injections For Hair Loss now. These are very effective injections that will not cause you an allergic reaction or any other unwanted reaction, but you are guaranteed to get an excellent and long lasting result.
  10. It seems to me that buying an essay is cheating and you shouldn't do it. For me, it's best to improve your writing skills and get help online. I know that on StudentShare LTD you will find all the necessary tools and examples for this for free. There are many useful and interesting tutorials on this site that can help you, besides there is the largest database of free essays and I'm sure that you will find examples for your essay about math. I don’t think that with such help and resources it will be big problem for you to complete this written assignment.
  11. Fausteen

    I need advice

    How can I find an interior design for a home and small bungalow near our home in Singapore?
  12. Can someone here help me translate my game into Portuguese and adapt it for the Portuguese? I really need help with this.
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