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  1. Play Road Crash for free and online at Kizi! Bump into your opponents cars and earn coins to make your car better and write your name on the first spot! https://kizi.com/games/road-crash
  2. Move your little rubber man left and right to collect all the colorful plates on the ground in Stack Colors! Play this fun game for free online at Kizi! https://kizi.com/games/stack-colors
  3. Explore new worlds with Super Buddy Run! In this fun platform game, your objective is to pass the challenging levels with your jumping skills. Your super buddy will run automatically. So, all you need to do is click on the screen to make him jump. Don't forget to collect as many stars as you can because later on, you can use them to purchase new skins. Watch out for the spiky obstacles and get all the presents! https://kizi.com/games/super-buddy-run
  4. Welcome to Repair It! Who knew those phones and electronics can break so easily. Check out your customers' phone screen and change the screen cover. And when they have some hardware problem, take care of it by replacing different parts. With the money you earn, don't forget to upgrade your little shop. Have fun! https://kizi.com/games/repair-it
  5. Everyone's favorite dolphin is back with My Dolphin Show 7! Are you ready to take things to the next level? In this aquapark, your dolphin has to be in his best shape to wow the audience. Help him perform extreme stunts with pool balls, circles, and more props! Can you complete all challenging 18 levels of this crazy adventure and prove yourself to be the best instructor? https://kizi.com/games/my-dolphin-show-7
  6. Get ready for a new kind of adventure in Adam and Eve GO! This time, help Adam reach his one true love Eve in various scenarios. Use your right and left arrow key or your mouse to guide Adam and collect the objects he needs. In every level, you must always find a rose to bring to your love. Also, the more fruits and trinkets you find, the more points you' ll get! https://kizi.com/games/adam-and-eve-go
  7. Blackrainbow


    Test your aiming and agility with Buca! In this fun skills game, your objective is to shoot the little puck into the hole using as fewer moves as possible. To do that, you only need to click and pull on the screen and adjust your speed. Be careful though, your puck can pass through some walls and you only have 3 lives per level. Have fun! https://kizi.com/games/buca
  8. Face other tanks with your shooting skills in Stick Tank Wars 2! In this fun shooting game, use your mouse to aim and throw your powerful shots. Overcome obstacles and collect upgrades to earn your worth. You can use the money to get new and more improved tanks or buy more upgrades to gain an advantage over your opponents. Have fun! https://kizi.com/games/stick-tank-wars-2
  9. Connect the cute animal icons before your time runs out and complete 9 challenging and colorful levels in Dream Pet Link! With this fun puzzle game, you can improve your memory skills and sight! All you need to do is to click and link the same animal icons. But they shouldn't be anything between that can interrupt the connection. Have fun! https://kizi.com/games/dream-pet-link
  10. Clear the streets of this city from the infamous mafia with your agility in Johnny Revenge! Johnny is all about killing the bad guys and saving the innocents. And to help him out, you only need your finger/mouse. Johnny will run off and jump when he sees an enemy. So, when the timing is right, fire your bullets and kill them all! Be careful though, never shoot an innocent! https://kizi.com/games/johnny-revenge
  11. Join the Racing Monsters on their way to victory! In this fun racing and strategy game, winning takes more than just your racing skills. You also need to strategically plan when to use your powerups because there are bombs and other obstacles on your path. Your car will automatically drive itself, all you need to do is to use your powerups at the right time to defeat your enemies and finish the race! https://kizi.com/games/racing-masters
  12. Get your mighty sword ready for an adventure with Swords of Brim! Run through the green fields with your sword and take out every enemy you see with your mighty sword. Use your arrow keys to dash, slide, and jump and use your space key to attack. Don't forget to collect the coins to upgrade your hero and your weapons. Let' s see how far you can go! https://kizi.com/games/swords-of-brim
  13. Destroy enemy forces with your mighty blade and your spells in the fun arcade-based, Hero Knight Action RPG! Your kingdom is invaded by enemies of darkness and you alone can save it! Use the sword button on the right side of the screen to attack and the potions on the left to cast powerful spells. Have fun! https://kizi.com/games/hero-knight-action-rpg
  14. Take your place on the battlefield and try your best to survive as long as you can. With its online multiplayer gameplay, the action and danger never end in this game. Are you ready to face others and become the victor by being the last survivor through the heat of the battle? Your objective is to survive and defeat all of your enemies to become the last standing player in this game. To start the game, click on the play button on the main menu and then press the start match button. When you spawn on the map, you' ll have a limited time to collect weapons and bullets. Grab as many as you can. After the timer runs out, you'll enter the battlefield on a plane. Press F to jump, and press it again to use your parachute. Your health bar is located at the bottom and the number of players on the map is located in the top right corner of the screen. https://kizi.com/games/pubg-pixel-3
  15. Test your racing skills with Grand Prix Hero! In this fun racing game, compete and challenge yourself across 4 races of the famous Grand Prix Series. But these roads are not that empty. Watch out for the traffic, get the boosts for time-limited powerups and collect the coins to upgrade your car for the next races. Let's see if you've got what it takes to become the Grand Prix Hero!
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