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  1. I wanna go to Hawaii
  2. I really love this game I've been playing it again lately too
  3. I personally really like getting achievements And showing it to other people It doesn't really matter that much if they challenging or not (challenging ones are more fun, but overall the most fun thing is just to get them all haha)
  4. I think hamsters live less than a guinea pig And guinea pigs is smarter imo
  5. Please reach out to somebody and don't afraid to go for a therapy
  6. There are a lot of cool stuff, but The Last of Us II was my most hiped for years!
  7. I'd love to try. If I would make a game, I would love it to have a nice strong soundtrack, but I am hardly a person for that On the other hand I have never tried
  8. i think xbox is great, but I spent all my life on ps side sooo
  9. I mean I watch a LOT of youtube, and i would love to tell you some educational channels (mine are mostly about psychology btw) but let's not try to fool anybody, honestly I am mostly watching markiplier, jacksepticeye and pewdiepie 🙃
  10. petrichor maybe? It's on itchio i don't remember if it's monochrome or not, but there is a person with umbrella
  11. This. Also, what prevents you from waiting for discounts in Steam? They are there almost all the time, thanks to old man Gabe and his team.
  12. Go to Coursera or any other education portal. Did you decide where to go — front-end or back-end?
  13. Well, I'm not into sport games like FIFA and other, but my sibling is. Gonna tell them about this trick. Thank you!
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