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  1. Well good news: fitness cards have been completely abolished from FIFA 21. EA Sports has confirmed that after listening to community feedback, the consumable FUT items - along with training cards - will not exist in the new game. And, for cheap and safe fifa 21 coins (https://www.ssegold.com/fifa21-coins), SSEGold will always be there for you.
  2. You have completed Scrying a Lead in search of antiquity in The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor and now you have to dig it out with excavation. The process may seem simple on paper, but you can easily destroy the item if you are careless. Basics of the excavation. Before you start, you must assign the antiquarian's eye to a QuickSlot. This will make it easier to find your digsites as soon as you reach the area that you discovered via scrying. Simply go to your inventory, select the "Quickslots" tab and assign the antiquarian's eye to an open slot. As soon as this is no longer possible, go to your digsite, which is highlighted in blue on the map and an antique symbol is shown on the compass. There the compass turns blue and by activating the antiquarian's eye, a glowing ball is created, which points to the actual digsite with a glowing tail. The direction the tail flows is the direction you need to go. So align yourself with the tail and push forward. They are looking for a heap of earth that emits blue energy and sparkles gold. Once you're on the digsite, interact with it to go to the excavation mini-game. It's a huge 10 × 10 grid full of dirt, and each grid will be one of three depth levels. Your treasure is hidden by this dirt and you have to use the antiquarian's eye and your available tools to discover it. They start with the antiquarian's eye (or the "Augur" skill, as it is called in this mini-game): it is a "hot and cold" mini-game to determine the exact position of the item. When you select a grid with the eye, a color is displayed that indicates how close you are to the treasure. Red means you are more than 5 grids away, orange means you are within 4 grids, yellow means you are within 2, and green means you are right at the money. The crystal next to the eye shows how many charges you have before you can no longer use the eye. So if you don't find a green grid before it runs out, you should dig in the yellow grids. The best way to “Augur” is to start with the four corners of the site and then the middle. This will not only help you improve the prey, but also determine which quadrants are best ignored. As soon as you have either found a green grid or no longer have any fees for the antiquarian eye, it is time to start digging. To begin with, just start with a hand brush that removes a layer of dirt per use. Each time you use a tool other than the antiquarian bookshop, your "time" resource or the light yellow bar at the top of the screen is used up. Time runs out before you find your treasure and you will not pass the dig. Don't worry too much about it: you can find the digsite again without having to search the lead. So let's disassemble your tools very quickly: Hand brush - removes a layer of dirt from a single grille per use, but creates intuition (fees for your other tools). Trowel - Remove up to three layers of dirt from a single grid. Heavy Bucket - Remove a single layer of dirt from multiple grids in a large area. affects only the highest layer of dirt. You will need to upgrade your excavation skill line to access the other tools (although the level 2 trowel is taken early). So to begin with, you should focus on these green grids and use the hand brush to push away the dirt that covered the ancient world. The trowel can also be used for this purpose, but will damage the ancient world if you use it on dirt less than three layers deep (the thick, rocky grids are three layers deep, moderately rocky two and no stones are one ). The trowel does not immediately destroy the treasure when you do so, but keep an eye on the red health bar below your time indicator. When you unlock the shovel, you want to use it with the hand brush to clear as many grids as possible. Since the heavy shovel only sheds the greatest amount of dirt within its range of action, use the hand brush to level out as many layers as possible before using it. Remember to watch your time! When you unlock the shovel, you want to use it with the hand brush to clear as many grids as possible. Since the heavy shovel only sheds the greatest amount of dirt within its range of action, use the hand brush to level out as many layers as possible before using it. Remember to watch your time! If you face more difficult leads, you will notice purple gas clouds in your digs: these are underground gas veins that can be used to your advantage, but can also lead to failure if not triggered properly. In essence, gas veins can explode, and if they lie over ancient times, this will completely destroy them. However, if they are nearby, they can be chained together with the trowel and detonated to remove masses of dirt from the board (making the bonus's loot even easier to locate). If you see purple grids, pay attention to their position and that of antiquity. And if you need to buy cheap eso gold to boost your account, https://www.ssegold.com/eso-gold is definitely the best place. Hope your guys enjoy the guide.
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  4. I think you'd better buy it from official website or some trusted site like SSEgold.com
  5. Wow, seems not safe to buy EFT roubles now, or need a very good site to make sure wonn't get banned for this.
  6. Following the opening of the Collector's Cache 2020 poll on June 6, Valve is now revising the system to be fairer after numerous complaints from the Dota 2 community. Due to several factors, such as polygon constraints, markers, and community feedback, Valve believes that some aspects of the current system have been rightly considered unfair and will replace them. The biggest problem that Valve encountered was the polygon limit assigned by Steam Workshop tools, which limits the “budget” of a creation that can be submitted. Upon further review, it was found that some of the submissions submitted in Collector's Cache Voting exceeded this limit. The top selections that went beyond the budget will be removed and replaced with the next two highest rated sets. It appears that this problem was caused by an accident involving developers for whom Valve had previously worked in the workshop. These users had their accounts tagged by Valve so they could submit the raw files for a variety of types of content privately through the workshop, which gave them different guidelines without marking the submissions. Valve will be more vigilant in monitoring future submissions and will also change the contract submission process to prevent this in the future. Valve also commented on sets that contained references to particles before the vote. This has to do with Valve's approach to storing popular content for potential future releases during the workshop, and developers do this quite often. "The reason for this is that if it doesn't get into the community-controlled part of the Collector's Cache, it may be released in another treasure later," said Valve. “A similar scenario happened last year when we had enough additional resources to create a second cache with some older and some newer items. " Valve said it is currently not certain whether there will be a second cache this year or whether the future treasure will only contain other items that the developers have saved or picked up in the coming months. In both cases, the changes to the collector's cache submissions appear to be quick and harmless to the running process. Dexter Tan Guan Hao Valve asks the artifact community to be the judge and jury for their revised heroes. With a survey on the newly minted red hero cards, the developer has opened another direct line of communication to his audience. The Artifact 2.0 development team asked fans to review the new heroes based on five different criteria. And if you guys want to sell dota 2 skins for real money, you can vist https://www.ssegames.com
  7. To say that Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a dominant force in the industry since its release in this quarantine period is nothing short of an understatement. It was a huge success for Nintendo on the Switch, by far the best-selling game at the time. And now his rule is over. After Animal Crossing New Horizons spent three months as number one on the Nintendo Switch eShop, it was finally released with a new title. That would be the Minecraft dungeons from Mojang / Microsoft. Of course, it helps that A) this is Minecraft, the most popular current series in the world that kids and adults alike love, and B) the game only costs $ 20, as opposed to Animal Crossing's full price at $ 60 how many of the other other games in the eShop Top 10. Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off of the original game and serves as an introduction to the dungeon crawler genre that was popularized by Blizzard's Diablo series, among others. For $ 20, there are only nine levels that you'll have to repeat over and over on different levels of difficulty, but there's more than enough to keep players busy for a few dozen hours, possibly a few hundred if you're really committed to it there is no easily accessible upper limit. I've already written about advice for players just starting the game. So you should check this if you haven't already. To summarize my main points: 1. Understand and manage your arrows properly so you don't run out of breath. 2. Know that you should leave equipment when you outperform it, and do it frequently. 3. You can get back all of your improvement points by disassembling the equipment, which you should do frequently. 4. The best way to achieve higher levels of difficulty is to reach the maximum level of difficulty you can currently beat, as this will lose the highest gear. 5. Health regeneration is minimal in this game, so I would always keep a healing totem. Since then, I've found that Radiance, the ability to heal weapons on hit, is the best healing source in the game and a must. I think Minecraft dungeons will have problems once they reach the ultra endgame because of how enhancement points work, they won't be able to get many builds, but it is possible that this will be fixed later. There are two DLCs that come in Minecraft dungeons, a jungle and an ice dungeon, and they'll add three more levels to the game, according to early reports. I would expect Minecraft Dungeons to be high on the eShop list for a while, but I wouldn't be surprised if Animal Crossing could eventually regain its throne considering how popular it remains and how new content offerings support it could line. And, i think Animal Crossing Tickets is very interesting thing in-game. To update: How will Minecraft dungeons stay relevant? We recently received some information about the game's first two DLCs, which add a good amount of content to the game and cause people to pay beyond this initial $ 20 price. The first DLC is "Jungle Awakens" and will be here sometime in July 2020, so next month. It comes with new weapons, artifacts and armor, new enemies (Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie, Poison Quill Vine and more) and three new map levels, which is 30% of the size of the base game right away. The second DLC is "Creeping Winter" and although it doesn't have a release date, it should arrive in September 2020 if it's two months away. I would predict three more cards with a winter theme. Plus more weapons and equipment and enemies. I absolutely don't believe that Minecraft Dungeons will dominate the Switch eShop leaderboards here until the DLC in July, and yet it is a kind of perfect Switch game that is aimed at children due to its connections to their favorite series and is easy to play on handhelds is mode with the relatively simple controls of dungeons. I think it's a bit short, but the DLC should fix that, and I hope we'll see a few patches before that make some changes to the endgame and current enchantment point system.
  8. Animal Crossing, lol, it's a easy and funny game
  9. The currency system in Path of Exile revolves around a variety of different orbs and scrolls. Each currency item serves a specific function in the crafting and enhancement of a character's equipment, or allowing restructuring of the character's passive skill tree in the case of the Orb of Regret. Anyway, as we know, buy poe currency is a good and quicky wayto get poe currency online.
  10. I think G4mmo is good site for game cd keys, also it sell various game currency like wow classic gold, eso gold ,ffxiv gil and so on.
  11. Game Title Publisher Change 1. League of Legends Riot Games - 2. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Ubisoft - 3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve - 4. Minecraft Mojang 5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Activision 6. Valorant Riot Games 7. Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment 8. Hearthstone Blizzard Entertainment 9. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG Corporation 10. Apex Legends There are the top 10 list from Google
  12. I Haven't played Escape from Tarkov, but I think RuneScape is fun, and I highly recommend a rs gold store here https://www.pvpbank.com/runescape-gold
  13. AS one of the best MMORPGs, ESO now support continues to progress even when players aren't present. While some players' lives contain jobs, households and day-to-day regimens, others are still online questing and also acquiring things or equipments. It frequently appears the only method those with a life beyond the computer system screen to rating is to utilize cash to buy virtual currency, ESO Gold. ESO Gold can not just used for shopping in the video game. It still has several various other usages that you might also not find. It can be used to spend for traveling, purchase one's way out of trouble, or even acquire keys or details. The most significant problem which interrupts players a whole lot is that acquiring ESO Gold is an uncontrolled process. The programmers' group has not managed it. Consequently, when searching for ESO Gold, gamers will certainly be perplexed with that said some prices might exceptionally expensive while others might incredibly cheap. Nevertheless, there's another vital thing which will certainly perplex players a lot more. Normally, most of the ESO gamers don't care about whether the ESO gold is the most affordable or not, what they care most is the 100% safe of their ESO account. We just recently got this type of solutions from our real-time conversation and also various other ESO online forum. Yes, almost all players stress over whether their ESO account would certainly be outlawed for getting ESO gold, because grade moving is not worth than being obtained prohibited. However do not worry, if you focus on the adhering to tips your account will never ever be banned. Never ever Break Down your Account Password to any ESO Vendor You ought to remember that never ever provide your ESO account details to anybody. You may recognize that we never need such details, we just require to know your name in game. In order to pay you fast you would certainly much better leave us your real name, phone number and also repayment e-mail, so we can contact you as quickly as you pay the order. Select a Reputable ESO Gold Vendor with High Credibility You need to pick a trustworthy ESO gold distributor with high online reputation. As a reliable ESO gold seller, no person else is extra familiar with this concern than Pvpbank.com, we have actually been offering ESO gold for a very long time considering that the video game appeared, honestly, none of our consumers have got banned for purchasing from us. In addition, Pvpbank.com is additionally a cheaper as well as rapid ESO gold provider. Right here're the reasons that are you intended to select our website, Pvpbank.com to get ESO GOLD among numerous ESO gold vendors in the marketplace. Delivered using Mail box: We send by mail ESO Gold to you using in-game Mailbox. This is the most reliable as well as most safe ESO Gold delivery technique. We provide players with one of the most specialist solution due to the fact that we have more than ten years' experience in the industry. Our traders are genuine gamers, so your ESO Gold orders can be smoothly completed. We ensure quickly delivery within 10 minutes - 30 mins for many orders, and also if we don't have enough gold supply for your web server, we will likewise try our finest to provide your gold as quick as feasible, so we will spare no efforts for your order and ask for your understanding. Practical Prices We adjust costs in time according to the marketplace, so you can acquire eso gold with inexpensive costs but the premium service. If you intend to obtain your order off, you can use Top Pvpbank.com Discount coupon, at the same time, your order can straight get particular price cut for large orders. We devote to providing the most exceptional services by being truthful and also practical. You can inspect other gamers' genuine testimonials on Trustpilot, Ownedcore, Mmobux, Bizrate and so on to know more about Pvpbank.com. If you have any kind of demand or inquiries, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our client reps are 24-hour online to aid you. Refund Warranty If sometimes we do not have enough Senior Scrolls Online Gold in supply and also need to make you wait a bit longer, yet you wouldn't like to wait any longer, or other practical instances prior to shipment, a refund would be released promptly. You don't require to stress over it. If you don't have sufficient time to level your character, you can get ESO Gold to quicken your level. Certainly, you can buy ESO Gold right here in Pvpbank.com, considering that it's an expert and also reputable ESO Gold seller. Whenever you require to buy ESO Gold, our Live Conversation is 24/7 online.
  14. I guess Fifa 20 must inside
  15. Thanks Ali, i'll have a try
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