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  1. The benefits of playing video games for children Video games not only teach children creativity, problem-solving skills, leadership, but also inspire learning about culture and history. Parents often focus on the risks and dangers rather than the potential benefits that video games bring. In any case, parents still have to admit games are part of the modern youth's age. If you know how to find a suitable video game for your child, it can become a powerful tool to help children develop life skills. They can also help parents become more engaged with their children, help educators find new ways to support teaching, and help game makers create highly educational games. Click here to play Friv 5
  2. Italy Many people find online games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty to "entertain" in the context of the country being blockaded by Covid-19."We have noticed a 70% increase in Internet traffic over a fixed network, mainly from online games such as Fortnite," said Luigi Gubitosi, Director of Telecom Italia, one of the major carriers. most in Italy, said.Fortnite is one of the most played games in the world... see more
  3. I'm playing game Bike Racing
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