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  1. What about webcam or something like that? It's not a cheating as you know but you can find whatever you need. It's much more better then usual porn. I prefer website for watching videos when I have to relax a little bit. Hope you would find something special for yourself
  2. Maybe you should take care about your health. Try to use additional medicine.
  3. Sure. Here they are https://staircasedesign.xyz/ but I prefer transformers ladders, so I decided to take it. There are also a lot of other interesting stuff for house and I guess if you are still looking for staircase you can find enough useful info and options to buy. P.S. I also need to find other furniture for my living room ( for sure with delivery option)
  4. I guess it wasn't right solution to order furniture without a delivery option. For example I ordered staircase and they provided all additional possible services
  5. I didn't use private investigator yet but I havd such an idea. I've checked some reviews about this kind of activity and if you wanna you can see post wich I've read. I'm not sure in this decision yet but I guess I will doubt in my gf once more I'd use it.
  6. No way. I trust my partner all the day. But unfortunately me ex-gf cheated on me once and I broke up with her immediately. It was hard to figure out that she was cheating but I did it P.S. Porn watching with other girls only
  7. Usually I play simple games but lately I've changed my video card so now my pc is able to play BIG games like gta5 so I'm trully excited. Moreover I've changed a lot of other computer stuff lately (including hard drive). It's quite hard to choose wich stuff do you need so I used this guid for that.
  8. Let's talk about our sport preferences. I like soccer most of all. My favorite soccer team is Manchester City. Is there is some one fan of EPL it would be great conversation.
  9. I can't write correctly. That's my problem
  10. You should check your products validation in the market before you produce it. But I also can add that your product is interesting enough but you still need to improve it. Nowadays it's quite hard to find developers so I recommend you to outsource this stage of development https://spdload.com/blog/how-to-outsource-web-development/ and make your product more completed to fit the market
  11. I used to have but it was too hard for me to keep it up
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