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  1. Where to find good ides for business?
  2. Maybe altcoin or litecoin. I have plan to invest my money in some profitable ISO projects ot bitcoins. So i think i can create my own bitcoin project, so i need to invest money in bitcoin ads.
  3. I have a startup software company. I want to create a business plan which helps to give directions to my employees about my organization's future goals.
  4. I wouldn't say that. If you like minimalism, I don't think these pillows will work for you. But I for example really like these pillows. I recently turned to the Or & Not Throw Blankets and got some decorative pillows. I can say that these are very high-quality products.
  5. My most hated subject was drawing. I was constantly under-rated because I can’t draw. That kind of nonsense? Not everyone can draw beautifully,but if you don’t know how to draw, catch a bad grade.
  6. What book or article or essay have you recently read?
  7. I read an article about how several Australian banks were hacked. there was an IT security audit and it was interesting. It's too bad that hackers can still hack the Bank.
  8. If anyone want to invest money into bitcoin? or better do not to do it now?
  9. Since I started download music from YouTube with this tool I can't imagine my life without YouTube. That's so convy and totally free. Now I can listen to my favorite bands anytime I want.
  10. Nothing serious, i just wanted to know what y'all watching on youtube. Mine are 1. Kurzgesagt - in a nutshell 2. Binging with Babish 3. PhilipSoloTV
  11. I'm going to go to some European country, too. I really want to see the Alps. My friend and I have been dreaming about this since childhood, so now we are preparing for the trip. We even bought a walkie-talkie https://thebestwalkietalkies.com/waterproof-walkie-talkies-review/ to make it easier to communicate.
  12. Well, it could be worse. I thought that they would load me very much, but fortunately this was not the case. I got a lot more free time, because now I don’t have to get to the university. But still I have to turn to essay writing help, as I still can’t write an essay
  13. Already have. I make various homemade wood products and sell them on the Internet. At the moment I am waiting for my site MageCloud to be made in order to facilitate the work and then i can assume that this is a real business.
  14. Is it worth buying an online store for your small business?
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