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  1. Fair competition of strategy and teamwork, The world is yours, become the king! The S3 CoK World Cup has entered the seventh round of the group stage this week. The competition atmosphere has heated up, lords are anxiously wondering who they are up against in matches. Topics relating to the World Cup are increasingly discussed among the lords. Now, we have invited friends from all over the world to talk about the World Cup~ The purpose of the [Round Table Conference] is to throw thoughts and questions and draw insightful answers and conclusions. Share your perspectives with like-minded players all over the world! Diverse opinions in a small welcoming group, where everyone can express their own opinions freely, a lively place for World Cup enthusiasts to gather! Do you want join in? Share your topics and have fun together! If you want to interact with players all over the world, hurry up leave a message and sign up, maybe you will be selected as a participant in the next Round Table Conference!
  2. It’s a quarter of the way into the Division Matches of the S3 WC! After playing the matches so far in the campaign, lords should have a better understanding of the S3 World Cup rules and game play. So now that players have found their style, what suits the team best to get the most points from matches, what comes next is the real fierce competition! S3 World Cup rules: 16 rounds of matches will be held within each division, according to the points rules; 3 points for a victory; 2 points for a draw; 1 point for a lost round, The top 8 alliances of each division will be determined after the matches. The top 8 alliances of each division then will join single knockout matches and determine the champion of each division. After an offseason of 1 week, the champions of the four divisions will play against each other to determine the final champion via knockouts! The Division Champion teams get a $10,000 cash prize per team, the Global Runner-up gets $10,000 cash prize, and the World Champion gets $20,000! Who will make it through to get the final big cash prize?! The future is uncertain but everyone has a chance! Dreams of glory and rewards, will come true for the teams who deserve victory. Check the entrance: “COK World Cup-Current ranking”. Who do you think will take it all the way? let's wait and see!
  3. Greetings, dear Lords! As many veteran players have returned to Clash of Kings since the classic server was launched, today, we are going to introduce Emanuel, one of our king players from Puerto Rico USA, who has been showing brilliant performance in the classic server. Let’s get to know him from our latest interview! Host: Hi, tell us about you! DW: I am Emanuel, in the game known as Devil’ş Warlord. I’m from Puerto Rico USA. Host: Where did you hear about the Classic Server in Clash of Kings? DW: I heard from my brother-in-law, he saw the announcement on Facebook and told me about it. Host: Why did you choose to join the CoK Classic Server? DW: Play-ability, the game feels more balanced without heroes, dragons, without those magic and all those other features. I return to revive the old days that I loved in CoK. Host: So, when did you play CoK for the first time? DW: 5 years ago. Host: In which server have you played for the longest time? How long have you played there? And why did you choose to quit playing? DW: Server 341 was the one that I played the most. I played since the Kingdom born for 2 years. I win the first throne fight at K341, after a war for more than 24hrs against 3 alliances they get tired and decide to don’t fight more. It was I had no sleep during all those hours. At home, I had my brothers in law and my wife who played with me at that time, and we all start to jump like little kids after we hold all those hours. We are “Latinos” and history in COK for Latinos is not the best we don’t have the biggest force in the game so that was like the ultimate prize in those days to win everything. At that time we start to receive messages from people that we didn’t know from other kingdoms congratulating us for rising a Latino flag over a kingdom something that they never saw before. Host: As the first Latino King, are you confident to achieve what you’ve achieved before? DW: Of course, we do. We are trying to see if we can repeat history like that and Win it all again, we will see what destiny brings to us. Host: Have you met any old friends, enemies, or allies in the classic server? DW: Yes, I do on both sides, we bring some of our friends back and I find some other that I met during my years in other kingdoms. Host: Your current power and castle level in the Classic Server is very high, would you like to share your experience or suggestions to other players about the early developing stage and how you managed to grow so fast? DW: Well, I avoid the wars in the early time, I tried to concentrate on Development only, used the sciences wisely on my current needs which are building speed, gathering speed, troops speed. I try to stay tuned to every event and take the most advantage I could from it. The suggestions I can give them is to please avoid unnecessary attacks, we all understand the game is a war game but even in war everything has a purpose, attacking all day just for attack will keep you weak even when people can think is the opposite, but every attack cost troops and every troop cost resources to be make or to be healed, in the early time use your resources in any of those two is a waste of time and resources which can boost you to a higher castle with better troops and better game experience. Host: Do you have further details you would like to suggest for the Classic Server? DW: I will love to have the old music too to make it a real classic version. Host: Share a message here to your friends who haven’t returned or given the Classic Server a try yet. DW: The classic server really brings the old memories back. they should come back and enjoy to revive those old days. Devil’ş Warlord is always ready to help others and share his experience. We are looking forward to receiving more interesting stories about the Classic Server, so contact us with your stories! More interviews are coming soon!
  4. Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset. According to Islam, the Quran was sent down to the lowest heaven during this month, thus being prepared for gradual revelation by Jibreel to Muhammad. Therefore, Muhammad told his followers that the gates of Heaven would be open for the entire month and the gates of Hell would be closed. During this Ramadan, there will be a series of activities in Clash of Kings with rich rewards as well. Come and join us! Moon Blessings. Each player can make their Glittering Moon and get items for making Glittering Moon via gathering Wood on the world map, collecting rewards on the Docks, collecting resources inside the castle, and wishing. You could also use Gold to unlock better rewards in the Glittering Moon. Ramadan Chest. You have a chance to win Prince's Order Letter via killing monsters and Nian Beast. Prince's Order Letter can summon the Prince to open the Ramadan Chest. Legend Road. All players in the same Kingdom cumulate Legendary Caravan points together. Reaching point goals to unlock chest rewards, which will be available after reaching the lowest daily point requirements.
  5. In order to bring pure military strategy experience and our genuine thanks for SLG gamers, we now scheduled to launch the classic server of Clash of Kings on Apr. 15th. Gamers would experience the most classic server as 2016 and recall their combat memories of that time. We’ve adjusted a little bit of the system according to all gamers’ feedback, now let’s see what we have about this classic server. Maximize balance and fairness In order to experience the time of being a king originally with balanced attributes, we’ve made special optimizations on the attribute growth and whole progress, which will greatly improve the sense of participation and achievement for general gamers. Restore the classic version to the greatest extent In order to make everyone feel the authentic classic server and its tactics, this time we simplified as only 10 soldier levels and remove the troop advancement, and make the troop restraint more clear by adjusting part of the skill attributes. In addition to the troop restraint and combat, the classic server also charms in its urban construction and cultivation. The classic server of Clash of Kings also is known as the P5 server, as the highest level of the castle is P5, so some of the buildings unlocked until P6 may not exist in the classic server, such as the Discipline Hall, Prayer Hall, Firearm Camp, etc. We have also made adjustments on the science research function since it’s an essential part of the cultivation, as only five basic scientific research systems have been opened, including resources, urban development, equipment, urban defense and military. The simpler growth line also makes the lords who return to COK easier to use in scientific research, helping lords quickly become the experts of scientific research! Meanwhile, as the core of the classic server, we’ve also adjusted the equipment system by removing some of the set equipment such as the Archangel, thus to make it much easier for gamers to choose and forge their own equipment according to their troops without limitation. In addition to these core systems and gameplay, the classic server also retains two auxiliary systems and lower its level of difficulty.
  6. Legend has it that Ostara, the god of dawn in ancient Greece, will turn her pet bird into a rabbit on a certain day every year to please the children. This rabbit brought brightly colored eggs, which is also a gift from Ostara to the children, people call this day Easter. Now Easter event is about to start! From April 9th to April 21st, there will be a bunch of activities ongoing, such as Mysterious Rabbit, Gift of Hope, and Easter Eggs. Enjoy it with Easter bunnies!
  7. We can get this conclusion after analyzing these two events carefully. Generally speaking, recalling players' memories is warming up for themed events such as inviting players to return and recalling the old days. Memory is a clue that reminds players with old days. As for another event, highlight moments, has 2 functions. On the one hand, it will indicate users' satisfaction with the current game content. On the other hand, players will recall their glory and happy old days. This event aims at inviting players to return and adjusting the game system. As a game being issued for 6 years, CoK needs to issue some new features when it is balancing users' needs and its income. But these features increase its difficulty, which drives players to leave to some extent and makes it more difficult for the old player to return. In summarize, I guess CoK is planning a new version or considering reducing many contents. If we want to know what CoK is planning, we need to stay tuned. No matter what it is, it will certainly be a good news if the mobile strategy game fans want to experience CoK. Of course, we hope CoK will present a simple game that is full of strategies.
  8. Clash of Kings (CoK) is the pioneer mobile game of Chinese SLG. After being issued, it kept optimizing the game and battle experience. What's more, CoK issued a plan to make CoK great together with users. CoK listened to players' voices via different approaches, from the community to the forum. Users' overall demands are always what CoK fights for. Recently, CoK issued two community events(held on Official WeChat, Weibo, and Facebook) consecutively. The two events are: recalling players' with their first step in CoK World and players' highlight moment in the game. After analyzing CoK events in the community, I found that CoK is good at holding events under the same theme for promotion. After players receiving similar content in different forms in a short time, they might accept and expect for coming themed events. Another thing I found is that CoK rarely holds similar events on the international community and forum at the same time, especially on Weibo. These synchronal events indicate that CoK is going to make an important adjustment soon.
  9. hope u r doing great! is it a must to wear a mask in canada right now?
  10. I’ve been at home for quite a long time, now I have plenty of time playing any game that I want! But after spending too many days simply playing games, I start to feel a little bored! Sigh. Anyone feels the same? How long have u been staying at home? I just watched this staying-at-home-due-to-coronavirus video and I find it soooo hilarious! Eating tasteless pickles at hand, eating the tastiest feast in imaginary! https://youtu.be/SK3nUftHaas
  11. 1. During the event, each player can place a Cherry Blossom Tree on the world map. After being placed, the Cherry Blossom Tree can be moved. After moving it, you need to wait for 2 hours before you can move it again. 2. Players can get Energy Water via training soldiers, joining hero trials, collecting in-castle resources, and wishing. You can use Energy Water to charge other players Cherry Blossom Trees, or charge the Cherry Blossom Trees of others one time per day. 3. You can get rewards via charging the Cherry Blossom Trees of others. When one Cherry Blossom Tree is completely charged, the owner of the Cherry Blossom Tree will get rich rewards. 4. After collecting the rewards of your fully charged Cherry Blossom Tree, you can place a new Cherry Blossom Tree repeatedly until the event is over. 5. During the event, reset the Cherry Blossom Tree for the first time, and then you can get rich rewards.
  12. This Sakura Season will last until the early May, and there will be a series of interesting events to be held in turns, such as banquets, dice, sakura wishes, challenges, even Easter events etc. During March 18th to April 2nd, there will be two major events being held in game, as Spring in the Air and Spring Party. Come and join this Sakura feast with us! Now I will introduce details about this Sakura Season.
  13. It has always been a dream for Princess Novia to be bathed in the splendid rain of sakura blossoms. Therefore, welcome all the lords to enjoy this sakura feast! Every March, on the continent of the Kings, sakura blossoms bloom all over the land. Mountains and peaks are decorated with blossoms as gargantuan dragons. Millions of sakura trees are vying to blossom in the castle. With a gentle spring breeze brushes over the land, it pours with splendid sakura rains in special fragrance… How many lords are marveled at these dancing sakura elfs, and how many of them lose themselves in this fantastic dream! This would be the loving and romance memory for all the lords in Clash ok Kings. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hcg.cok.gp&hl=en
  14. This is what I found about the sakura game.
  15. I really like this sakura scenery in a game, it looks so romantic and beautiful! Any game else is doing that? Due to the coronavirus, I may not go to Japan to watch the sakura rain, but only stay at home and playing games instead. Btw, after coronavirus ends, where do you want to travel?
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