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  1. Yeah. I think this way too. I adore different types of massages but etotic one is the most pleasant for me. I didn't want even try it but during my last trip I've decided to try something new so I've chose erotic massage in kiev as my entertainment and it was amazing..
  2. I used to try several times and you are absolutely right about that. That kind of massage is absolutely insane. It's a joy and it worth trying at least once a life. I used to try it several times in topless-club during my last trip to Kiev. I was totally satisfied.
  3. I have one erotic desire that I want to fulfill. Last year I flew on vacation to Ukraine I really liked the Ukrainian girls they are very beautiful. I want to fly to this country this year and visit one place erotic fiesta Kiev . There I will take 4 girls who will be completely naked to do massage and not only.
  4. The BIG PHARMA from some Western countries never will recognize research and trials executed in "3rd" World countries. Already many countries are using medications and methods to cure cancer, not approved by BIG PHARMA. Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, China, already are using it with sucess, and....why not?...Thailand may have some with its herbal medicine. Most Western foreigners do not have enough knowledge in Eastern medicine to have opinions about, and its are just following Western propaganda and marketing.
  5. For me , all these essays and homework are a real nightmare. But I have found specialists who will essaybox review . With their help, I got the highest score in the class and saved my time. These services are an excellent option for students and schoolchildren.
  6. Reading Disgrace atm. Very good book with an interesting perspective of the South African political situation. Highly recommended
  7. For the time being, use this method (attachment under main thread) to enable Fiddler on latest game verion (4.0.0). Instructions are included in Readme file.
  8. My advice is not to try to repair complex equipment yourself. I had an experience of repairing a washing machine it was unsuccessful it got even worse. After I found a good and reliable service that specializes in the repair of mail of all appliances Appliancerepairinusa . They subdued my car and it has been working for a year and a half without a single failure.
  9. If you play an instrument no skill required post a video in here of you absolutely destroying it !(metaphorically although an instrument destruction would be pretty cool ), I'd love to see you people's talents If you don't have an instrument, I guess you could just make cool sounds with your mouth and stuff, or you could compliment our beautiful musicians, that would be pretty cool too
  10. I'm in software development business. Used to be developer and moved to leading team of software developers, IT consultants and support team.What kind of software products have you been developing and in which programming languages?
  11. I`ve broken my lovely Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8 but I don`t have enough money for the same. I`ve decided to take another one. Any pole saw recommendations? I`d rather consider more cheap option if it`s possible. Thanks
  12. Very interesting question 3 months ago, I asked a similar question. where can I find a good insurance policy to pay for the day? I found such good insurance for my children here https://hypercomusa.com/ . I was recently involved in a minor accident. The insurance company paid everything and I was satisfied.
  13. Why is this on my Linkedin page?
  14. Which beach is the best for family vacations? Hto where have you been? What do you recommend?
  15. Waste disposal is a big problem nowadays. For example, I have a large family, I am a wife and three children, so the garbage Unas is collected very quickly. But I found a way to reduce this problem, so I bought a waste disposal unit from the sink, it grinds the biomusor, bought it here. My wife and I are very happy.
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