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  1. I smoke a vape. Don’t see nothing wrong with that. I can make different shapes out of smoke. I have an electronic cigarette and vape. Here I read about new mods https://vapingdaily.com/best-box-mods/ , I want to buy a new model for myself, since in my vape the battery already works poorly. And I don't like to use an electronic cigarette.
  2. Look at eBay, there are a lot of cheap cameras. If you want high quality, I recommend Ring Security Camera, this is an article about it https://www.downscaledesigns.com/reviews/ring-security-camera-guarding-your-home-when-youre-away/ . It has a powerful battery. And you can talk through the camera using the application. It will help scare away the robber or animal.
  3. Thanks for the link, I will look at the prices. I already wanted to buy from the seller for ebay, but was afraid that they might also sell an account that was banned. There are no guarantees.
  4. I have been playing League of Legend for several months now. I really like this game and I have already reached level 37, believe me, I had to work hard. But, last week I was banned for flagrant violation of the rules. Tell me, are there ways to restore my account?
  5. Guys, tell me what games are you playing now? I love arcades and simulations so that they have good graphics and interesting plot.
  6. I love reading fiction. Now I'm reading a Martian book.
  7. I see a lot of these cars on the road. I think that our future lies with them.
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