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    Anything that's piqued your interest coming out of Gamescom? An announcement you like? Some new info or footage that's really got you going? For me the screenshots of Cyberpunk just look incredible. I think I may need to get a PS4 Pro just to play this game; surely it's the way God intended? Either that or get a Pro for RDR2.
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    I think its natural for a person with something to lose to downplay the use of reviews. As Josh said though, a review isn't a final word, but just some thoughts and ideas by somebody that has probably played the game before you, has experience answering the questions people want to know and hopefully a wealth of knowledge on games. I don't play many games any more but I still love a review to see what I'm missing and the overall state of gaming. Long live the review.
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    Ah Brenden, the only soap character to look totally normal chopping up a body.
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