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  2. Now I've found a new annoying game, Guns of Boom every time, when I lost the match - delete the game, but on the next day instal again)))
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  5. Tnx, I also made a video with a cool "The Train Song" from Metro Exodus, check it out: Metro Exodus The Train Song
  6. So now that the game has had some time to breathe, think it's a good time to pull the devil trigger on Devil May Cry 5. How good the game is, what you thought_ both the good, and the 'meh'. Have a few notes myself. Don't mind if they're skipped over, but feel free to add your own impressions No Caption Provided Just going to start before I come across as cynical. DMC5 is a fantastic game that honors the legacy of the series, ditches a lot of known baggage and reputation from previous instalments. And the combat is superb. Now for me personally the game had pacing issues. Three characters is pretty awesome but the way the chapters are managed is a jumbled mess. Think the game would have done better just setting up three campaigns. Each character was good, even V was a surprise (got Sorcerer vibes from Dragon's Dogma) but having to backflip from each other was kind-of annoying. Just let me have '8-10 Missions as Nero from the start'. The above goes hand in hand with the 'story' why are we jumping back and forward through events? For the mystery. . I think the game was trying to make the plot more confusing than it really is. Story was never Hideaki Itsuno san teams speciality. While they can be removed entirely cut scenes are unbearably long at times and far too frequent. Quite a few are fun and stylish, though dragged on. As mentioned above, not something I found interesting. Got the secret ending from the get-go. . Which honestly made me take a pause and "sigh". While I get DMC5 was trying to replicate the Doku encounter from Ninja Gaiden Black, it was flawed. The patterns are easy to understand and situation wasn't really that hopeless. Nero while lacking the Devil Breakers had the tools for the job, with ease. Especially if someone played the previous mainline DMC game. My last complaint is majority of areas lacked distinction. I commonly ran in circles wondering if I went the right way.
  7. Wow, it's nice videos. I wanna play the game
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  9. Guys if you played thru the game a want to watch over the story again, remember all those cool moments, I created videos for you. And if you didnt play the game and want to check out some of the story, here you can, but remember there could be possible spoilers in there if you didnt start the game yet YouTube videos: Metro Exodus Storyline Episode 1 - Intro Metro Exodus Storyline Episode 2 - Moscow Metro Exodus Storyline Episode 3 - Winter Metro Exodus Storyline Episode 4 - The Volga Metro Exodus Storyline Episode 5 - Spring Metro Exodus Storyline Episode 6 - Yamantau (Voice of Artyom) Metro Exodus Storyline Episode 7 - The Caspian (Voice of Artyom) Metro Exodus Story Episode 8 - Summer (Voice of Artyom) Metro Exodus Story Episode 9 - The Taiga (Voice of Artyom) Metro Exodus Story Episode 10 - Autumn (Voice of Artyom) Metro Exodus Story Episode 11 - The Dead City (Voice of Artyom) Metro Exodus Ending (Story Episode 12)
  10. I only managed to watch a couple of episodes, but I enjoyed them quite a lot! The show is pretty fun.
  11. I'm also playing, but not as often as I probably should! Still low rank, but it's very fun to play when hanging out with friends.
  12. I think you will like this #game Angry finches free online Kids game .Go ahead play here https://www.goactiongames.com/?game=angryfinches Visit our BLOG for more Exciting Games To Play Online https://blog.gamescaptain.com/2019/02/01/5-exciting-zombie-games-to- play-online/
  13. I love how the 98 DLC costumes make this shot look like a definitely normal family. (Minor spoilers for true endgame, I suppose but I'm hoping it's been long enough now. Also I'd apologise for the screenshot being washed out but frankly the first thing I did was boost the brightness up to max and I make no apologies for that!) Meanwhile, my finish stats so far look like this. Annoyed at myself for somehow losing a good 15 minutes or so in my Claire B run right after my Leon A:
  14. Are you going to take marks off for spelling mistakes
  15. Small fortune is quite good isint it. It's hosted by a British Irish person who's not Declan Rice. +1 for that anyway. Dermot o'leary great presenter. The show is more tense than the cube and 10 times the drama a must watch on a Saturday night
  16. Frog Jumper is online Kids game, it's playable on all smartphones or tablets Play Frog Jumper https://www.goarcadegames.com/?game=frogjumper
  17. Any Tekken 7 fans here? I've been playing the series since around 1997, beginning with Tekken 2. T7 is one of the best in the series, by far, and I still play it to this day. I main Kazuya and Heihachi, although I also dabbled as Armor King, Nina, Dragunov, and Law. I'm currently Savior rank with Kazuya, although it's taken some serious time and commitment to the character to reach that! Oh, and Negan is awesome! I tried him out yesterday and he's a right laugh. How about you folks? Any T7 players? What's your rank?
  18. Ah I'm glad you guys enjoy reviews -- it's nice to hear! I agree, too: there's no substitute for a review, I don't think
  19. 💯agree. There is a lot of stuff I will never play but will read a review out of fascination. I do enjoy let's plays but a review is by far the best way to get some ideas and context for the whole package.
  20. Bring back hollyoaks later I say
  21. I think its natural for a person with something to lose to downplay the use of reviews. As Josh said though, a review isn't a final word, but just some thoughts and ideas by somebody that has probably played the game before you, has experience answering the questions people want to know and hopefully a wealth of knowledge on games. I don't play many games any more but I still love a review to see what I'm missing and the overall state of gaming. Long live the review.
  22. Ah Brenden, the only soap character to look totally normal chopping up a body.
  23. Been that way since '97, mate, haha! I'm definitely going to dive into the DLC at some point. Still need to play the 4th Survivor!
  24. You're a Resi-obsessed mad man, and I love it. I am intrigued about the DLC! Maybe if I get a free spot over the weekend. I'm diving back into 2004 for a bit of Ninja Gaiden lol
  25. Oh man, I forgot all about Brendan Brady! He was definitely an overlooked hard man. Yeah, Kane would be dropping F-bombs all over the place if he could. I remember an old episode of EastEnders where Phil said 'dick head.' Wouldn't get that nowadays!
  26. Managed to get an A-rank with Leon over the weekend. If I shaved another 45 minutes off my time, I would have got an S! Anyone played the latest DLC?
  27. Also, The Occupation! That game looks super interesting -- check it:
  28. It seems to me that Titanfall 3 wouldn't offer the chance to be an Apex, so, personally, I prefer Apex Legends.
  29. Hahah, yeah mate, seems we're on the same wave length! I'm guessing they didn't have the budget to produce a full-blown B scenario like the original. That's the only thing I can think of, because if they did have the budget, it makes no sense why they'd half-ass it so much. Still, the upcoming free DLC looks pretty cool. Ghost Survivors, out tomorrow!
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