• Five things to know about the Halo 3 Beta

    We highlight five parts of the Halo 3 Beta so you can get the most from Bungie's much anticipated FPS.

    Posted 2007-05-14T16:26:17Z by Tom Orry

  • Games for Windows

    The Games for Windows stable of software looks very promising indeed.

    Posted 2007-03-29T16:34:11Z by Will Freeman

  • Climate Challenge: Can Pro-G save the world?

    In a word, yes, but no one is thanking us for it.

    Posted 2007-01-17T21:00:50Z by Paul Devlin

  • PlayStation 3 delay - has Sony done us a favour?

    We look at the current state of the PlayStation 3 to see if we Europeans are really missing out? Has Sony actually done us a favour?

    Posted 2007-01-07T20:35:39Z by VideoGamer.com Staff

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD Player review

    A look at Microsoft's HD DVD playing add-on for the Xbox 360.

    Posted 2007-01-01T22:53:52Z by James Orry

  • Company of Heroes Travelogue

    Pro-G gives you a peek behind the scenes of the video games PR machine, as THQ whisk Europe's gaming press to Normandy on an unforgettable trip back in time to the height of the Second World War.

    Posted 2006-07-30T20:01:08Z by Iain McCafferty

  • Wii hands-on

    We take a look at a number of Wii titles and deliver the verdict on what we saw.

    Posted 2006-07-19T19:15:04Z by Gareth Williams

  • Video Game Racing Guide

    Adam Plumb, Forza Motorsport Champion 2005, gives us several tips on driving, complete with illustrations!

    Posted 2006-06-12T00:24:54Z by Adam McCann

  • Girl Gamers: Gaming from a different point of view

    Tailoring games for women isn't as simple as painting everything pink.

    Posted 2006-05-26T13:10:27Z by Wesley Yin-Poole

  • Sports games on the Wii

    At E3 we looked at a number of sports titles on display for Nintendo's Wii console.

    Posted 2006-05-18T19:06:52Z by Greg Vallentin