Over the last few days a number of images which are supposedly of the Xbox 360 have hit the internet. While some people claim they have come from the ourcolony.net viral marketing web campaign, others are pointing towards a leak from within MTV. MTV are working with Microsoft on the 30 minute show that will reveal the next Xbox console, so this story has some believability.


Going on reports of the Xbox 360's design these images certainly appear to be close to the real thing. The design matches the reported concave shape of the console and the top end of the unit appears to be where the external hard disk will be placed. By taking the DVD tray as a reference for size, it seems that the new console will be far slimmer than the current Xbox. Also of note is the image which supposedly features the Xbox 360 memory card. The card features what looks to be "64 MB" written onto its end, suggesting that higher capacity cards could be made available.


For now take a look at the images and make your own mind up. Everything should be made clear once the machine has been officially unveiled on MTV on May 12th (US) and May 13th (UK).

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