PS4 Announcement - Abridged Version

Sony announced the Playstation 4 back in February and Matt poked fun at the whole thing with a selection of silly voices. This is still our most popular video by bloody miles and resulted in a bunch of other great abridged videos throughout the year.

The Birth of Pants Man

We've had a really great community build around the livestreams on the site and much of this is thanks to the real hero of VideoGamer: Pants Man. He's now successfully battled his way through both Darks Souls and Demon's Souls, with nothing but his pants to protect his dignity.

Special shout-out to Mintyrebel and Prodigle for being splendid mods each and every week.

E3 2013: The Awards

There's a bunch of great moments in this video and I think it shows why striving to cover these events in a slightly different fashion is a fantastic idea.

It's worth noting that (surprisingly) our prestigious "Looks like a Solid 8/10" Award is still proudly displayed on the Steam page for Payday 2.

Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft - A Message to Fans

He may have left Microsoft, but he can never leave our hearts.

Mount Your Friends: Head to Head Battle

The VideoGamer team playing one of the best party games of the year. If your family and friends have a daft sense of humour, you should try to get them playing Mount Your Friends over the Christmas break. It's immediately entertaining and resulted in one of my favourite videos of the year.

Shelter Gameplay Verdict

Towards the end of the year, Simon and I have started making some pretty stupid videos. For some reason, I keep trying to make him play better video games and he never really pays much attention to me. It's a fun setup and I believe it all started when I tried to convince him to play a game about badgers.

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Spencer Has No Manners

I can't believe they sent us to Germany for this...

Explaining The Stanley Parable

Stanley didn't believe this was a particularly easy game to showcase without spoiling some of the best bits. Stanley decided to do this instead.

Dota 2 Bongo Campaign

And they say games journalists can't make significant and worthwhile changes to the industry.

Matt and Miller Reviewsicals

It's hard to pick just the one video here because the weekly Reviewiscal videos are an audible treat. Depending on how busy we've been, you might also get a brilliantly rubbish music video to go along with it.